Top Destinations and Attractions – Rottnest Island Traveler’s Panorama Guide

Wanted to visit Rottnest Island? Looking for something what to see in this perfectly beautiful island not far from Perth? Searching what activities can be done in the island named after a cute animals thought to be rat but actually a quokka? You wanted to know more what’s in it in Rottnest? Do you know the island has lots of history worth knowing? So keep on reading.

Honestly, to enjoy the island, I suggest to spend at least 2 days, to maximize the time to go around it. I spent less than a day which was not enough and left me feel hanging for more.

Here are some questions for your reference where to go to the island during your holiday.

1. Are you an Adventure Seeker?

Rottnest Island are known to be a perfect place for adventure activities. Because it’s an island, it offers different kind of activities that can enjoy by all ages. The island was developed for recent years for recreational activities so that the guests will have its fulfilling vacation in the island. Whether you are into water sports or trekking enthusiast, Rottnest has something for you. If you into learning more, it has a history worth knowing and discovery.

What are the top activities that can be done in the island?

Thomson Bay Settlement , Oliver Hill and Wadjemup Lighthouse – Walking and Trekking

Thomson Bay – Swimming and Boating


Geordie Bay – Swimming


Henrieeta Rocks, Parker Point, Jeannies Pool, Little Salmon Bay and Salmon Bay – Swimming and Snorkeling

Around the island – Biking


Rottnest Island has Biking tracks all over the island that can maximize by visitors, just be prepared for the upward tracks that are more challenging.

Riceys Beach and Stark Bay – Swimming and Surfing

Thomson Bay Settlement – Camping


Thomson Bay and Parker Point – Boating

Cape Vlamingh, Cathedral Rocks, Thomson Bay, Catherine Bay, Salmon Bay and Parker Point-Purpoise Bay – Recreational Fishing (rod and line held fishing)

2. Are you a Scenic View Lover?

If you are not into physical activities but loves to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the island, I suggest to join the grand island tour where most if not all iconic viewpoint or lookout within the island will be visited. And you will definitely amaze how beautiful the island is in terms of its scenery.

Henrietta Rocks


Parker Point


Jeannies Lookout


Salmon Bay Lookout


Fish Hook Bay Lookout


Cape Vlamingh Viewing Platform


Cathedral Rocks Lookout


3. Are you a History and a Culture Buff?

Don’t be fool that Rottnest Island is just for holiday or vacation, it is a perfect place to learn more about Australia’s history focused on Western Australia and Rottnest Island itself.

Oliver Hill


Thomson Bay Settlement


4. Are you a Shopaholic?

The island does not have shopping mall, but it has general stores where visitors can buy the general stuff it needs. And you can find something if you are looking for a memory or souvenir from the island.

Thomson Bay – General Store


5. Are you Just Chilling Out?

Rottnest Island is a perfect place if you just wanted to have a slow holiday. If you just wanted to stay on specific part of the island and just chilling out, it will be a worthy vacation to rest. You can choose to stay in any beaches that surrounds the island or just stay in Thomson Bay Settlement area to spend your time and get relax.

For some bays and beaches to visit in Rottnest Island, check here.

Notes :
During my travel to Rottnest Island, I knew that it was a beautiful island, but it was different when I was there and seeing lots of amazing places with my own eyes. For me it was a perfect island to enjoy water. Though I never had a chance to swim in any of the beaches which I really regret as I was not prepared. I never brought anything with me to do it. And one thing that I regret, I made it as my last destination before departing Perth or lets say departing Australia. I suggest to spend if not possible of two days, but at least spend an overnight to the island to do lots of activities and appreciate more what the island has to offer. Visiting the island is one of the great holidays in my life while exploring the world.

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Rottnest Island WA 6161, Australia

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