Lake Argyle – Where People, Birds, Fishes, Wallabies and Freshies Meet

The previous post described the adventures that we had in the Day 2 morning in Judbarra (Gregory) National Park where we did a trek following the Nawilbinbin Walking Trail. After doing such an eventful activity, we were back in the road and drove hours towards the border of Northern Territory and Western Australia. After few hours in the road, we reached the checkpoint of the border, an experience as it was like moving to another country though it was just moving to another state. Before crossing to Western Australia, our adventure tour guide Scotty made arrangement at the DAFWA Kununurra Checkpoint Charlie and while we were waiting, we grabbed our chance to take photos at the border.


Looking towards Northern Territory





Looking towards Western Australia


The East Kimberley  Rough Map at Western Australia


The Kimberley (which mostly at the northern part of Australia)

After Scotty completed his tasks in the border quarantine checkpoint, we crossed the border and we adjusted the time because of timezone difference between the state and the territory. From Victoria Highway we drove towards Lake Argyle Resort where the group had lunch and rested for a while. The resort itself was the campsite that the group used for the night that day which was really great at it offer facilities such showers and toilets. While we were resting a bit in the resort, some of the group went to swimming in Infinity Pool while I myself took my chance to take photos of Lake Argyle from the resort which located at the elevated  location and a great spot to enjoy the scenic lake views.


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The group traveled in the direction of the lake. First we stopped by at the office within Lake Argyle Resort where we paid for cruising fee.  Next, we descended to the jetty of the lake where Lake Argyle Cruises is located, the tour company that the group joined for cruising and swimming adventures in the second largest man-made lake or reservoir in Australia which said to have Freshie (freshwater crocodiles). Exciting right?

When the boat was ready, the group boarded and I chose my seat at side. Then I prepared my camera for photo shoot adventure in the lake. Before we left the port, I saw archerfish at the shallow part of the lake.


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Archerfish at the shallow part of Lake Argyle


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Leaving the jetty port


Lake Argyle Dam Wall


Lake Argyle Dam Wall and Lake Argyle Cruises Jetty

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Within Lake Argyle

We departed the port and started exploring the huge Lake Argyle. While cruising, it felt like we were in the middle of the sea because wherever we directed our boat it seems that water is what we see and felt like we are moving like no ending even it was within Carr Boyd Ranges. The first stop of the group was part of the lake that was near in cliffs where we spotted a short eared rock wallaby playing on its edges.


First stop at Lake Argyle for Short Eared Rock Wallaby – First Sighting


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Can you see the Short Eared Rock Wallaby in the photos?

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Short Eared Rock Wallaby

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Had you seen 3 Wallabies in the above photos?

We left the rocky cliff spot, we moved to another area of the lake and on the way, I took snapshots of the lake scenery again. Then, we stopped for second time, to see more of wallabies. We found them both in the edges of the cliffs and at the ground.

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Within Lake Argyle

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Short Eared Rock Wallabies (at the cliff and at the ground)

After second sightings of wallabies, the next adventure that our group did was swimming in the lake. We went to the spot where according to our guides was safe for swimming since the Freshie were far away from that area. It was a thrilling thought that we  swam in the lake where there were possibilities that Freshie may appear. During the swimming activity, some of my group went and climb the edges of the cliff until they reached the top. They did a plunge from top of the cliff or took an adventurous dive. While I myself joined the group in swimming with the help of pool noodles or woggles and still had fun in the water.

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On our way to swimming spot within Lake Argyle

After swimming, the group continued exploring the lake. While going around the lake, I sensed that our cruising guide was up into something. After sometime, I realized what it was. Before we found what we were looking for, we saw flying Magpie Geese from a distance and then we spotted a “Freshie”. Our boat slowly approached the freshwater crocodile and we were quiet so we can enjoy the sighting of it. It was a thrilling experience to see crocodiles in their natural habitat. We knew that “Freshie” is safe to people but it was mentioned to us that it also bite people for self-defense if they sense danger.

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Within Lake Argyle



Magpie Geese


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Dam Wall

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Archerfish with forktail catfish during feeding

During the sightings of Freshie, the group also fed fishes and all enjoyed it. Our cruising guide also emphasized the branches of trees where lots of spider web can be found. And before leaving the same great spot, we enjoyed sunset viewing in the lake.


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Spider Web


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Sunset Viewing within the lake



Returning to the Jetty

We returned to our truck and went back to our campsite in Lake Argyle Resort at the Caravan Park area. Second night of the adventure tour still comfortable as it can be. It was like the first night, facilities in the campsite are still complete. Everyone still enjoyed the facilities that the resort has to offer.

Before we started dinner preparation, most of us in the group setup the tent for the night and we used our own swag that served as our bed. That night, I was still by myself which was still not a problem to me.

In an adventure tour I already understand that even we paid for the tour, it was not meant that visitor or tourist will be pampered. It is different from a day tour wherein if the food is included, it will be served to you or will be given to you as much as comfortable it can be. In an adventure tour, the group has to participate in almost everything. Both preparing the food and cleaning up after. I had learned this when I joined my first outback camping tour in Red Centre. With that, it was not new to me that I have to volunteer on tasks even I am a tourist or guest. Everyone understood that the guide will not be able to do all the things. And for me, it was fun activity too while I was talking to other adventure mates.

That night, it was the same as first night where we prepared our food and cleaned it up after we finished our dinner. I did remember that we have in the group, a Swiss guy who was very helpful in everything. And the whole group recognized his help for all he did. He actually the most helpful and industrious compared to anyone in our group, he joined the group with his girlfriend. I saluted him because he contributed a lot that it became easier for Scotty and to the whole group.

The night was quiet again as we rested in the middle of wilderness just beside the Lake Argyle.

Until then.




Life Of Others : Lake Argyle – Archerfish

Life Of Others (Post#13) : Archerfish

During our cruise in Lake Argyle, we saw and enjoyed native fishes. One of the fish that we identified were archerfish which very common to be seen even at the shallow part of the lake. We had a chance to feed fishes as well after the sightings of Freshie (Freshwater Crocodiles).  It was said that there are 26 natives species that can be found in Lake Argyle. These photos are part of Day 2 (Judbarra/Lake Argyle) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.









Archerfish with forktail catfish during feeding