Juncture With Folk(s) : At Enchanted Adventure Garden – Hedge Maze


Juncture With Folk(s) (Post#1) : At Enchanted Adventure Garden – Hedge Maze

I usually travel alone specially when its outside my country. When I was in abroad I have this thoughts that whether I am with someone or alone, I will see the world as much as I can. I knew it is better to travel with someone but in my case as I work abroad and usually I am alone in my assignment and working with different races. And most of the time the people in my working environment are just acquaintances and got a chance to get close with few people. The photo above shows the friends that I made outside work while living in Melbourne for more than 1.5 years. And this trip was far more memorable than my other trips because of the ambiance of having family since I was thousand miles away from home. Photo snapshot at the side of Hedge Maze garden inside Enchanted Adventure Garden in Arthurs Seat at Mornington Peninsula last March 2014.

Arthurs Seat – Highest Viewpoint at Mornington Peninsula

I stayed in Australia for more than a year now, I remembered the first time I went to Arthurs Seat in Mornington Peninsula which was a year ago, I visited the area as part of my Mornington Peninsula tour last March 2013. The said tour  was one of the earlier tours that I had in Victoria since the time I arrived in Australia last February 2013.

The story that I am going to tell was about my second visit in the area this year last March. My visit was different from the first time because I was not only passing the area just to visit the lookout area, I visited beautiful and seems magical garden around the area together with friends that I made while staying in Australia.

I knew that we were going for a picnic but I didn’t know that it will be around Arthurs Seat. When were on our way to the place, I heard it was in Red Hill in Mornington, until I realized that Arthurs Seat was actually near in Red Hill. We went to Enchanted Adventure Garden. I went there with friends together with their own family,  the basic thing we were going to do were having fun and family bonding. Analyzing the people went with us, I just realized I was one of the few people who are still single in the group and that made me felt awkward at first until I felt that I belong to a huge family.

Everyone waited for each other and gathered all of us at the entrance of the garden near at secondary car park (not the main entrance), we bought ticket and once we entered the garden we looked for a nice spot for picnic. Seeing group of families preparing food for their family and family alike seems felt so great and wonderful and somehow I thought that this was kind of view with a family having fun together. While my friends preparing foods, my friends children started playing around since the garden is not just a garden for picnic, it has other facilities to enjoy and play around (that’s what I saw in the map that I got while buying ticket).

Before looking around the garden, we had our lunch first. In this kind of gathering, I got a chance to eat food from my home country. I am not expert in cooking and honestly I am starting to learn how to cook, and having friends same with my race and nationality, it felt great eating food that I missed for so long.

After lunch, I walked together with my friends while their husbands were doing their own thing and while their children were playing. The picnic area we chose were just near the entrance gate and parking lot for the main reason, it’s quite difficult to bring food stuff if the picnic spot was far. Our first stop was Spooky 3D Maze. We went inside and follow the maze, it’s quite scary because of the background sounds, we saw some scary paintings and sculptures with lively colors with the help of neon lights effect and tunnel that seems moving, I felt a bit dizzy when I got out the maze because of the effects of colors but in the end we had great time inside the maze.




Some shots inside the 3D Maze (courtesy of my friend Vicki)

We moved to the main part of the garden, but before that, we passed tracks where we found different sculptures and here most of us stopped to take pictures, we had a great time in the area. Then, we passed Spring Maze, Junior Obstacle Course, and Tree Surfing (which requires additional fee, never tried since no one wants to try it aside from me) until we found one of the main garden with unique shape The Parterre. The said garden is located at the front of Lolly Shop and Cafe. Most people did not miss to take opportunities to get pictures around the area. We found beside the Parterre the Hedge Maze. This Hedge Maze was the second maze garden that I saw while staying in Australia (the first one was the Ashcombe Maze near in Red Hill Road). We did try to walk inside the maze but unfortunately we were not able to reached the center of the maze, we got confused and got lost, all of us just laughing while inside the maze.

1209192_1475979889284645_2033291200_nTree Surfing

10003264_1475983365950964_376130692_nThe Parterre (courtesy of my friend Vicki)

IMG_4282The Parterre


1150896_1475982805951020_1646085278_nGoing to the one of the entrance of Hedge Maze (courtesy of my friend Vicki)

After we got out from the maze, we went to the other garden area namely: Pottage Garden, Cottage Garden and Beach Box. We took time photos around the area until we reached the Enchanted Lake with fountain in the middle of it. Beside the lake, we found a unique dinosaur sculpture (Enchantosaur) that no one will miss because you will hear its dinosaur sounds near in the lake. After enjoying the lake view, we went to the other garden area and enjoyed the view as well as photo shots.

1922254_1475984005950900_150251069_nCottage Garden (courtesy of my friend Vicki)

IMG_4319Cottage Garden


Marble Sculpture


IMG_4332Enchanted Lake






Some view from other gardens

Next adventure we took was tube sliding. The first time I remembered that I used tubing was for water tubing when I was in Sta. Cruz, Davao Del Sur Philippines. That time, I tried tube sliding and it was like tobogganing  during winter season. We tried few more times and it was really fun, I did not stop screaming while sliding. It was a great adventure.



Tube Sliding (photo courtesy of my friend Alma)

When we got tired from playing around in tube sliding, we tried to walked-in to the lolly shop to see what we can buy and then from there, we realized that the main entrance of the garden was not the entrance we used to enter the park. We went out the door of the lolly shop and we took our time to take photos at the main entrance.


IMG_4348Main Entrance

We returned in our picnic spot and we had our snacks before we left the garden. Before leaving Arthurs Seat area, we went to the same lookout that I visited a year ago. We arrived at Murray Lookout to see Port Philip Bay and the surrounding area of Mornington Peninsula. All of us in the group spent sometime here for solo and group photos.

1920122_1475985019284132_728824585_nMornington Peninsula View (courtesy of my friend Vicki)

IMG_4362Port Philip Bay and Mornington Peninsula View from Murray Lookout