Arts and Craft : The Pietà of Hagåtña

Arts and Craft (Post#8) : The Pietà of Hagåtña

One of the sculpture that can be found while following the Hagåtña Heritage Walking Trail is “The Pietà of Hagåtña” stands at Skinner Plaza. The statue serves as the memorial for fallen heroes of Guam. These photos are part of Guam Adventure Photo Collection April 2017.




Arts and Craft : “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang

Arts and Craft (Post#7) : “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang

One of the things that I enjoyed while walking around the place is discovering a public art. At the ground of Taipei 101 tower, I found few public art display near the entrance of Taipei 101 Mall. One of them is entitled “Infinite Life” By Kang Mu-Hsiang. Below is the description that I found about the art and it is an amazing creation of art through recycled materials. The photo is part of Taiwan Experimental Travel Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.

The tightly coiled lines of 「Infinite Life」trace out the image of life in its original form, a steel embryo reborn from the towering structure from which it came. As a reflection on the circle of life, using retired cable from the TAIPEI 101 Observatory high-speed elevator to create beauty from otherwise discarded material, the sculpture stands as testimony to TAIPEI 101’s philosophy of environmental protection.


Arts and Craft : Sheffield Murals – “The Hardest Years”

Arts and Craft (Post#6) : Sheffield Murals – “The Hardest Years”

Sheffield is the town that we visited after Cradle Mountain. And because the town boast their art works such as murals, I had some snapshots of one of it which depicts the typical rural life through a farmer. This mural was painted last year 2000 by Paul Wood and Mary Clancy. The photo is part of Tasmania Adventure Photo Collection June 2013.



Arts and Craft : Guardian Genius of the City

Arts and Craft (Post#5) : Guardian Genius of the City

One of the photo that I took outside the Queen Victoria Building is the exterior design of it. And it happened that I also captured the sculpture entitled “Guardian Genius of the City” in the middle of the building at the top of the entrance in George Street. Marble sculpture by William Priestly MacIntosh. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014 collection.


Standing upon a raised pedestal in the centre is a female figure lightly draped in flowing robes, representing the “Guardian Genius of the City”, with the symbol of Wisdom in one hand and Justice in the other. She is crowned with the civic crown and waratah wreath. At her feet is a shield bearing the city crest. On her right is seated a semi-nude, muscular, male figure, representing Labor and Industry, with the appropriate symbols, viz., wheat, a ram, fruit, and a beehive, grouped round him. On her left is a corresponding male figure representing Commerce and Exchange. A ship in full sail is shown on his left. A bag of money its in one of his hands, and the ledger book in the other. Both figures are wreathed with olive, the symbol of Peace

excerpt from Wikipedia

Arts and Craft : Art Nouveau Bronze Lamp Holder

Arts and Craft (Post#4) : Art Nouveau Bronze Lamp Holder

I was trying to find more information about the artist of this brass lamp-holders shaped like angels but I wasn’t lucky. This lamp holder complimented the interior of the building which categorized as Renaissance Revival Style. This photo captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


Arts and Craft : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Arts and Craft (Post#3) : World War II Memorial – Cenotaph Sculpture By George Allen

Within the area of Shrine of Remembrance, there are lots of sculpture are displayed which depicts the bravery and brotherhood of soldiers at war. This sculpture at the top of the Cenotaph which stands at the forecourt captured my attention and admired it more when I discovered that the statuary shows six men in the uniforms of the three Australian services – Navy, Army, and Air Force carrying a bier on which lies the figure of the dead comrade draped with Australian National Flag. It symbolizes the debt of the living to the dead, the eternal bond between the fallen and those who enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.




Arts and Craft: “Going Home” By Han Mei Ling

Arts and Craft (Post#2) : “Going Home” By Han Mei Ling

I am curious what the title of the sculpture after I saw it while descending towards South Arrival Immigration Hall at Terminal 3 in Changi Airport for my entry to Singapore. Photo collections were part of Singapore adventure within May 2016. Below is the excerpt that I got from airport’s website about the art sculpture.

China artist Han Mei Ling’s 900kg sculpture follows a theme that is intrinsically Confucian yet universal – the importance of family. The sculpture represents a family nucleus through three varieties of metal: steel for the father, bronze for the mother and gold for the child perched on the patriarch’s shoulder. Han surrounds the family with a flock of colourful birds, articulating the notion of returning and being homeward

Arts and Craft : “Silence” By Adrian Mauriks

Arts and Craft (Post#1) : “Silence” By Adrian Mauriks

After I sailed along Yarra River in Docklands, within Victoria Harbour in Melbourne one of the public art display noticeable when I passed NewQuay Promenade is the art display with the title “Silence” which made by sculpture Adrian Mauriks. The art display become a playground for the kids strayed in the area. I as searched more information about the art public display, below is what I found.

Sculptor Adrian Mauriks has described this work as “a series of forms arousing to the mind, appealing to memory, reminding you of natural things – clouds, a tree, a forest – questioning and gesturing, and at the same time promoting sustainability in all things.” The work has a quiet presence, suggesting gentleness and an opposing view of the chaotic world outside.

For me public art display makes the place or the surrounding more alive because of a unique and genius craft that adds spices to unadorned spaces. Photos captured after my sailing adventure last March 2013.