Discovery : Australian Aboriginal Flag

Discovery (Post#51) : Australian Aboriginal Flag

Photos of the day are all about the Australian Aboriginal Flag. In my opinion, if in case Australia is not conquered by Europe, I think the country will be using the flag below as it directly represent what is Australia before European arrived in the country. These photos are part of Broome Historical Museum Visit October 2016.

Reading the notes about the flag, the meaning of the Australian Aboriginal Flag which consist of three colors are :
– Black which represents the Aboriginal people
– Red represents the earth and their spiritual belief to the land
– Yellow represents the sun, the giver of life

The flag was designed by Harold Thomas, an artist and an aboriginal himself in 1971. One catchy information that made me admired Harold Thomas about the flag he designed is his thoughts, his convictions and his disagreements that this flag to be used as replacement to the current Australian Flag. He said “Our flag is not a secondary thing. It stands on its own, not to be placed as an adjunct to any other thing. It shouldn’t be treated that way.”

Australian Government proclaimed the flag in July 1995 a “Flag of Australia” under the section 5 of the Flags Act 1953.



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