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Natural Wonders : Mount Chepren and Waterfowl Lake

Natural Wonders (Post#3) : Mount Chepren and Waterfowl Lake When I visited Columbia Icefield in Jasper, Alberta which I considered one of the great places that I had ever been, I had an opportunity to see beautiful and amazing sceneries along Icefield Parkway. And one of the scenic views that I witness was mountains lined-up in both sides of the

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Discovery : Banff Spring Snail Pond

Discovery (Post#2) : Banff Spring Snail Pond The photo above is previously a hot spring pool that people used before but because of endangered species of Banff Spring Snail, it has been preserved since then for the benefit to preserve the said species. Banff Spring Snail is only to be found here in Cave and Basin National Park Historical Site

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Panoramic View : Sulphur Mountain and Vermilion Lakes

Panoramic View (Post#6) : Sulphur Mountain and Vermilion Lakes Sulphur Mountain is just one of the beautiful mountains that can be found in Banff National Park which named after its hot spring on its lower slopes. Vermillion Lakes as per Wikipedia are series of Lakes formed in the Bow River valley, in the Banff National Park and at the foot

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Panoramic View : Lake Minnewanka

Panoramic View (Post#5): Lake Minnewanka Lake Minnewanka was one of the most beautiful lakes that I saw while touring in Canada. The view was really breathtaking. Photo captured last May 2008 during my three days visit in Banff. Some of my Banff Adventure Stories: Birthday At Banff Remembering Banff – Part 1 Remembering Banff – Part 2 This post has

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Panoramic View : Cascade Mountain

Panoramic View (Post#2) : Cascade Mountain The photo above is Cascade Mountain Side View which captured while I was near in Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park last May 2008 when I got a chance to visit Canada in short period of time. I can’t forget this park as this awaken myself to one of the things that I really

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