Twilight : Sydney Harbour Bridge

Twilight (Post#7) : Sydney Harbour Bridge

What can I say about this bridge? It is famous every time the new year is celebrated in the city as usually fireworks display held in the bridge. It’s fascinating to see the night version of this bridge. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Twilight : Manly Beach

Twilight (Post#6) : Manly Beach

When I visited Manly Beach, it’s already dark, therefore I haven’t seen it in day light. Due to limited time, I had been content in walking in the beach at night. The was named by Captain Arthur Phillip describes the indigenous people’s with confidence and manly behaviour and named it as ‘Manly Cove’. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Coogee Beach

Theme (Post#9) : Beach – Coogee Beach

The last beach I reached for the walking trail that I took is Coogee Beach. The volume of people I found in Bondi seems to be similar in Coogee. And seeing people in the beach, everyone was having a great time. The name of Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word “koojah” which means “smelly place”. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Gordons Bay

Theme (Post#8) : Beach – Gordons Bay

This is one of the beach that quite unique because its not similar to the beaches that I found in my walk as this one is where The Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail can be found which is the spot for self-guided for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Clovelly Beach

Theme (Post#7) : Beach – Clovelly Beach

So far, I already enjoyed three beaches, my walks hasn’t stopping yet. As I see the walking trail still there, my pace continues. I was amazed about the trail. And I still surprised after I found the fourth beach in front of me and that is Clovelly Beach. The beach was known as Little Coogee and renamed after the village of Clovelly on the north Devon coast, England. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Bronte Beach

Theme (Post#6) : Beach – Bronte Beach

So my walk continues after passing Tamarama Beach. I never expected that the walk will give me a chance to see different beaches in Sydney. I admired the city as it does not have only one beach near the metropolis but more than that. Anyone can immediately see a different sceneries aside from city buildings by just few kilometers driving from it. The name of the beach was came from Duke of Bronte, military figure Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Theme : Beach – Tamarama Beach

Theme (Post#5) : Beach – Tamarama Beach

After enjoying my walk around and after appreciating the fascinating views of Bondi Beach, my pace moved forward not knowing what’s next to see or discover. Then, I saw another shore similar to Bondi but smaller one. And I saw there were people swimming, surfing and just lying on the ground beach enjoying the sun. I just reached Tamarama Beach in Waverly an eastern suburb of Sydney. Tamarama came from aboriginal word ‘Gamma Gamma’ which means ‘Storm’. The beach is also considered the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014.


Featuring Our World : Bondi Beach

Featuring Our World (Post#3) : Bondi Beach

During my 4th time visit in Sydney which happened last April 2014 during my 3rd project assignment in Australia, I planned to explore a bit Sydney and some nearby outskirts of the city. One of the places that I explored by walking is the famous Bondi Beach. Honestly I was just curious because I always heard the beach many times while staying in Australia for more than 1.5 years. And I never able to really got a chance to see the beach even I had been in Sydney for quite times. And because of that, I really grabbed my chance to see it.

As I learned that Bondi word is actual an aboriginal word (local word of one of the first people lives in Australia). “Bondi” means “water breaking over rocks” which you can notice that while in the beach and the nearby rocky parts between the side of the beach. I can say that the beach is famous because anyone can visit it easily through any means of transportation as it is not far from Sydney central business district, therefore, people can immediately appreciate the beach without being far or away from the city. Based on history, Bondi Beach has been one of the location during Summer Olympics in 2000 when Australia won over Beijing China. And the beach is also recognized as one of the landmarks in Australia.

I got a chance to see Bondi when I planned to explore Sydney by walking and it happened when I did a walk from Bondi to Cogee.

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Bondi Beach (Part 1)

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Bondi Beach (Part 2)

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Bondi Beach (Part 3)

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Bondi Beach (Part 4)

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Bondi Beach (Part 5)

Home : Tabunan Beach

Home (Post#25) : Tabunan Beach

Last year of my travel in the island where my family roots begun, I had a quick visit and a bit of walk in Tabunan Beach at Banton Island in Romblon province. Above photo is just one of my collection during my walking tour along the beach. The beach is located at the western side of the Island in Yabawon where my uncle Napo lives. Photo captured last March 2015.


Juncture With Folk(s) : At Silanguin Beach

Juncture With Folk(s) (Post#3) : At Silanguin Beach

Summer Season is the period that most of Filipinos got a chance to go to beaches and because my country home is an archipelago and surrounded by body of water, there are lots of beaches available in the country that we can adore and enjoy. Last March this year (2016), I got a chance to join the mountaineering group that I was affiliated with and this year’s summer season I was able to be with them after such a long time. It’s been 6 summer seasons that I never joined them because I was out of the country and for other scheduling conflict reasons. I was glad that this year I was able to go with them once again.


Alibijaban (Alibihaban) Island – A Worthy Summer Outreach Vacation

One of the things that I really missed with my mountaineering group back home is the outreach activity that it does to the distant and remote places that most of the time only travellers, adventurers and mountaineers alike can reach such places. Combining the spirit of exploring and discovering places and the heart of helping people in need for me is a great and luxurious opportunity of doing something you love for yourself and for the humanity which is quite rare chances to treasure in our times since people nowadays tend to be selfish because our world are suffocating, exhausting and overwhelming.

It was Thursday night, April 30 and the next day was labor day which is a public holiday in my country. That night was feel like frenzy Thursday because a lot of people were in the mall, I was in the mall to pick-up the boxes of pack juices that I bought for the outreach program were going to do the next day. After picking it up it’s almost 9PM, I had difficulty of getting a cab because like me there were tons of people need a cab, but I was not intended to go home as I was going to meet my group in Robinsons Pioneer mall in Boni, Mandaluyong as it was the meeting point before we head to the San Andres Quezon Port where the boat is waiting and will bring us to Alibijaban (or Alibihaban) island.

After more than half an hour, I was able to find a cab because of the reason that the taxi driver was going to the place where I intended to be, well I considered it as lucky fate, as I  had been waiting too long and I was worried if I will be really able to get a cab.

It was almost 10 PM when I reached the meeting place, some of my group were already there. Since it’s been a long time I met the group (the last time was almost a year ago during outreach in Tacloban) it was a moment to catch up with them again. Some were unfamiliar to me as I hadn’t been around with the climb for years but some were known faces. When I went out of the cab I called Che (member of the group) to tell her I just arrived in the location, then Billy (another member of the group) and his friends met me and they tried to figure out how they can help me with the boxes of pack of juices as they were huge and heavy. And then I turned back again to Che and we started talking. The last time I was with Che was during Mount Batulao climb last January this year, then Jovy whom one of the senior member of the group and one of the members that I climbed together from the past years. I caught-up with them while waiting for the dinner inside the nearby food chain. Then in between the dinner, I met Dorothy whom like Jovy is a senior member in our group and will lead us to the charity activity, next Leo, Dorothy’s husband came, next was Dewi whom are all members of the mountaineering group.

I had great time talking with them, it feels like a long time that a group of friends were just in the corners. I felt comfortable and felt at ease. We finished our dinner and we went to the assigned vans and cars allocated to the group that will bring everyone  to San Andres Quezon Port and our long night journey begins.

I was in a van together with Jovy, Mark with his girlfriend Joan (both first time I met that day), Dewi (first time I personally talk with), Tanya (Dewi’s friend), Gertrude friend of Albert (member of the group), then Joanne, Roland, and Gladies (all members of the group).

We left the city and we stopped over in gas station with lots of food chains and restaurants available along SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) to buy something and to prepare for a long drive. During the night trip before we snooze ourselves, I spent some time talking with Dewi, we talked a lot of stuff, from international travel to local adventures and many more interesting topics.

— Some of the captured views while taking the rough row

The overall trip to the port was not that smooth, it was alright from the city to Lucena, it was still fine from Lucena to Pagbilao nearby area, it was challenging before Mulanay because it was a long distance zigzag road where initially I thought it will never end and it was unexpected difficult adventure before reaching the port. The unexpected and difficult road trip started after we passed Mulanay, we took mountain road, the trail were all rough roads until we were at the ground. The travel felt like we’re riding a boat, it took us a while before we overcome it. It took us a while before we completely passed the road. There were cases we thought it’s not the right road. We had been in that situation for more than few hours.

— Before leaving San Andres Port

We arrived in San Andres port past 9AM. In few minutes we boarded the boat. We traveled from the port to the island in around 20 minutes. While we’re jam-packed in the boat I took my time to look around the area and capture snapshots of the port while we’re leaving and approaching Alibijaban Island.

— On the way to Alibijaban Island

From the port, the island looks like a long island but while in the boat in the middle between the port and the island I saw how amazing and scenic view some part of the sea displaying different hues of blue. Some part were dark blue which means it’s one of the a deepest part of the sea. Some parts were just blue and some were sky blue or light blue which means it’s the shallow part of the sea and where most of the sand bars are to be found.

— Approaching Alibijaban Island

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— Scenery while looking back at San Andres, Quezon

We reached the island and some of the groups contact met us at the beach side where we jumped off from the boat, then they guided us to the house that will accommodate the whole group while we were in the island. The house we went into has kitchen veranda where most of the group assembled together. It was also the same place where our group started to organise the outreach event like a head quarter or camp area.

Dewi led the meeting and informed all of us on our assignments in the outreach activity. Then, Mike (another senior member) took over the meeting and informed us to have lunch first then the charity will next.

— Setting up the Mountaineering group banner for the outreach event

The group had lunch together within an hour. After we finished our food, one by one and some were in group went straight to the school. I was assigned in preparatory and day care students and this means I will take  care of the youngest and the toddler children. Yes it was a challenge but it’s a good thing that most of them accompanied by their parents whom majority were mothers. I had the list of the students and I called them one by one, some kids that were present were included on the list, some were not. After calling their names, we mentioned to go to one of the school room as the heat from the sun felt like its gonna burn us and it was not good for children since it was past 1PM in the afternoon. We arrived in the designated room for my toddler students and instructed to group themselves. The children followed accordingly. After few minutes, the food came in and we started to serve the food to them.

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— The toddler kids under my supervision during outreach activity

Next thing our group did after all the student were full in their lunch-snacks, we conducted program which composed of games and entertainment. All the kids had fun in the games as we provided lots of gifts and rewards for the winners. There were kids showed their talents such as singing and dancing. Some students had  talent showdown. The entertainment had been better as some of our group members in the mountaineering shared their talents to the audience as well, we enjoyed the show.

— Organizing students from different grade level before starting the program

— The games started

— And the games goes on … and the prices are giving away

— And the fun seems never end

—  And the entertainment keeps coming

After the program proper, we prepared all the school supplies for all the students in the school which was the main part of the outreach event. These supplies were all came from consolidated pledges from the mountaineering group, member’s friends and specific sponsors both from corporate and personal acquaintances of the members.

After we prepared the stuff, I saw the excitements, happiness and hopes in the eyes of the students and even  with their parents. I knew that what we have  for them were small things but for them it symbolises hope and chances of future.

We properly organised the giving of school supplies to the students. Most of the students in our list received their part, some of the remaining supplies, we gave them to the school teachers so they can manage to give it to other students who are not present in the event.

The outreach activities were over, though we were tired, but all were happy because we knew that we fulfilled something that’s worth to remember.

— School vicinity area

We returned to our assembly area. And I felt so uncomfortable because  of the heat from the sun and it’s summer season. The wind was dry but still thankful because sunset was almost there. Near the assembly area, the group agreed to pitch the tent so we have place to sleep in.

I picked up my backpack from the house we used as headquarter where most of the group put all their stuff. Then, I went to the nearby place and I chose the space where I will pitch my tent. Then, I opened my backpack and setup my solo tent. After a while my tent were ready so I went in and put all my stuff.

After sometime, the group agreed to walk around in the island. I decided to walk together with the group’s most senior couple none other than Eddie and Ethel whom I admired as they enjoyed life together traveling and even trekking mountains even with that age.

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— The views beside the school

— Sceneries while walking along the beach on the way to the mangroves area

As we walk along the beach we felt the last heat of the afternoon that day and we started to witness the sunset. At that moment I got a chance to enjoy the perfect sunset views in the island. We passed the mangroves just beside the sea-shore. Then, we heard voices along the shore and we didn’t understand why until we were on our way to return to the camp. Without knowing what’s happening with the ruckus we heard, our wandering  in the island continues until we reached the area they called “The Farm”.

— On the way to the farm and the first bridge

“The Farm” is where the majority of mangroves are to be found. We passed two bridges in the area. And because it was low tide, the first bridge seems to be useless because we can walk in both sides as the ground was dry. After passing the first bridge, we walked a little before we found the second and larger bridge. While we were in the bridge, we discovered a nice view in the area as we passed the shallow river. It was not really a river but it looks like one.

— Trail after the end of second bridge

We reached the other end of the bridge and followed the existing tracks visible in the sand. As we were not able to caught up with the other group we’ve been following. We decided to stopped and went near the shore. There, I saw the other beauty of the island. Aside the beach area, what I really enjoyed the most was the sunset views. We spent sometime in the area until we decided to return to the camp.

— The beach area at “The Farm”

— Sunset views while at the shore of “The Farm”