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Picture Frame : Sunset Sailing

Picture Frame (Post#1) : Sunset Sailing Sunset sceneries are common subject for photographers as it depicts different colours of the sky and it is the time of the day it influence photographers to be inspired to take shots of unique sky views. Most of the thinkers, philosophers, ideologist, artist and even common people used sunset scenery to think about life

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Home : Boracay West Cove – A Boxer’s Champion Mansion

Home (Post#16) :  Boracay West Cove – A Boxer’s Champion Mansion When we did a beach adventure while in Boracay, I never expected to see this mansion in Boracay West Cove, I heard from friends that this is owned by our famous boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. I did a little bit of searching in the net and it seems what

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Home : Banyugan Beach, Boracay

Home (Post#1) : Banyugan Beach, Boracay Boracay Island from my country home has been famous for years for both local and foreign tourist because of its great beaches that surrounds it. I never visited Boracay until my previous company that I worked with before had summer outing in this island last March 2012. The beach showed above is just one

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Amazing Anawangin

Trekking Mount Anawangin (a.k.a. Mount Pundaquit) March 27, Friday night at 11:00 pm, the mountaineering group (SMB – Samahan ng Mountaineering Barkadas or Society of Mountaineering Berks) where I belong gathered at Monumento, Caloocan bus station. From here we took a bus and left the station past 12 am. Travel time is more than three (3) hours. We arrived at

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