Beyond Our Reach : Kyoto Tower – World’s Tallest Non Steel-frame Construction

Beyond Our Reach (Post#5) : Kyoto Tower – World’s Tallest Non Steel-frame Construction

Photos of the day are all about Kyoto Tower. My family and I had a chance to see this, as the tower stands not far from Kyoto Station. Though we never got a chance to visit this tower and we never saw the scenery it offers, we just enjoyed it from a distance. On the other note, this tower went to controversy because of its modernity which seems to be not suited on what they wanted Kyoto city to portray to people, but even that was the case, it was completed and opened in 1964.

And this tower is categorized as the “World’s Tallest Non Steel-frame Construction”.

Unlike many other towers (such as Tokyo Tower) that are constructed using metal lattice frames, Kyoto Tower’s interior structure consists of many steel rings stacked on top of each other. The structure was then covered with lightweight steel sheets with a thickness of 12–22 mm (0.47–0.87 in). The sheets were then welded together and painted white. The intended overall effect was for the tower to resemble a Japanese candle.

— Wikipedia

These photos are part of First Kyoto Tour last September 2015.



Notes :
Photo : tower, Kyoto Tower
Location : 721−1 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8216, Japan
Directions / Transportation :
1. Take bus that goes to Kyoto Station and walk few meters from the station or
2. Visit the official access link to reach the tower here.
Official Website : Kyoto Tower

Beyond Our Reach : Kimberley Wilderness

Beyond Our Reach (Post#4) : Kimberley Wilderness

While we took Gibb River Road, it was a chance to me to appreciate the vast space that can be seen in Kimberley. The scenery photos were not the only thing to see, there are more but sometimes its beyond our reach to see it all at once. These photos are part of Day 6 (El Questro Station) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.





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Beyond Our Reach : Telstra Tower at Black Mountain

Beyond Our Reach (Post#3) : Telstra Tower at Black Mountain

When visiting Canberra, Telstra Tower is one of the immediate and noticeable landmark to see within the city. It also offers a lookout to see a different kind of view of Canberra aside from Mount Ainslie Lookout where I took this snapshot. At the time I took this one, the tower seems to be near yet so far. This photo is part of Canberra Day Tour June 2013 Collection.


Beyond Our Reach : Overlooking the Other Summits and Peaks at Mt. Tangisan

Beyond Our Reach (Post#2) : Overlooking the Other Summits and Peaks at Mt. Tangisan

When climbing the mountain, one of the moment that I really appreciate whether in the trail or at the summit of the mountain is the view where you can see lots of summits or peaks from other mountains. I will be always amaze with the scenery. With that in mind, those beautiful peaks of other mountains seems to be so close yet so far and beyond my reach. But with endurance even the things we thought impossible sometimes become possible. Photo snapshot last July 2012 during the side-trip climb we had after outreach activity done by the mountaineering group in San Jose, Tarlac.


Beyond Our Reach : Menara Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Tower)

Beyond Our Reach (Post#1) : Menara Kuala Lumpur

One part of our itinerary during our visit in the capital city of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur is its famous tower named Menara Kuala Lumpur or Kuala Lumpur Tower. Though we never went to its observation deck, we just stroll around the area which is a great place to chill out. Looking at the KL Tower from the ground by imagination from where I coming from, its tower tip is beyond my reach. But this kind of tower enable the human to see things far from its limitation and made our vision see it for real.