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Life Of Others : Jurong Bird Park – Scarlet Ibis

Life Of Others (Post#3)  : Jurong Park – Scarlet Ibis When I visited Jurong Bird Park in Singapore together with nephew, Scarlet Ibis was one of the bird that we saw inside the park. This type of bird has brilliant coloured and gregarious birds make impressive mass return to tree roosts. These birds usually silent, they make a ‘gurgling’ alarm

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Colors : Jurong Bird Park Entrance Garden

Colors (Post#1) : Jurong Bird Park Entrance Garden Photo above was captured near the Entrance of Jurong Bird Park which displayed colourful flowers and some used to creatively display a bird shape which the park is all about bird. I visited this place when I was still working in Singapore and went there together with my nephew which just 3

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National Rhododendron Garden and Grant Picnic Ground

It was almost a month after I returned to Melbourne last October 2014, it was my first day to really go out again to explore some places that I haven’t seen yet. The place we were targeting was somewhere near the city which was Dandenong Ranges National Park. On this trip, I discovered and learned that this National Park has

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Life Of Others : Wilson Promontory – Crimson Rosella

Life Of Others (Post#1) : Wilson Promontory – Crimson Rosella During the tour in Wilson Promontory National Park, one of the things I enjoyed while at the parking area was being up close and personal with the birds specifically Crimson Rosella (parrot native in Australia). This bird is commonly found in forests, parks, and farmlands. The young one has green

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