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Structure : Longshan Temple – Taiwan’s Famous Old Temple

Structure (Post#13) : Longshan Temple – Taiwan’s Famous Old Temple Longshan Temple is visible in my tourist map that I was holding on while walking in Ximending. Not realizing how famous the temple, I decided to visit the structure after finishing my walk in Ximending. When I reached the temple, just discovered the crowd that visits the temple, proven that

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Discovery : Qingshui (or Chingshui) Temple

Discovery (Post#21) : Qingshui (or Chingshui) Temple Also known as Tsushih Temple or the “Divine Progenitors Temple” is a temple in dedicated to the god Qingshui Zushi, a Northern Song Dynasty Buddhist monk who is said to have saved a town from a drought. The temple is located in the Wanhua District of Taipei City, Taiwan. The temple is often called “the most characteristic example of mid-Qing temple architecture.” The temple

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Ueno Park – One of Japan’s First Public Park and Once Kaneiji’s Ground

Ueno Park Ueno Park From Tokyo Station, we took JR Yamanote Line to Ueno Station. We got off at Ueno Station to visit Ueno Park. The park entrance is just beside the Ueno Station and because of this no one will ever miss the park by any visitors. We checked the map and search for things we can see around

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Colors : At Jogyesa Area – Baby Buddha

Colors (Post#2) : At Jogyesa Area – Baby Buddha Jogyesa is a temple few meters away from Insadong (famous traditional market in Seoul). At the time we visited the place, the lantern festival in the temple was few weeks over but the colourful lanterns were still hanged and displayed in surrounding area. Around this area the temple of the Jogye

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