Carlton Gardens – Home of Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 4

Even I stayed in Melbourne for quite sometime, the time was still not enough to see, to enjoy and to explore everything in the city. Because I traveled to Melbourne due to work assignment, my chances to go around this one of the famous city in the world was only during weekends as I have to work during weekdays. But I was thankful that I had given a chance to see this part of the world.

What to see around in Carlton Gardens? Carlton Gardens is itself a World Heritage site because of its scientific botanical significance. I got some photos of the garden together with Royal Exhibition Building. There are two significant tourist spot to enjoy around the place aside from the gardens. First is, Royal Exhibition Building and second is Melbourne Museum.


For Royal Exhibition Building, I tried many times to check the availability of the building for tourist and it wasn’t easy for me to schedule it since the building usually used for major events, if there are events that means the regular tour in the building is canceled.

When I found out the event about Motorclassica is happening that year in Royal Exhibition Building, I got interested because I will be able to see the old and classic cars or vehicles and the building itself. Therefore, I grabbed my chance and bought ticket to attend the event.





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For this post I will not detail the Motorclassica events that I attended in the building, but to show couple of snapshots of the building which when I got a chance to walk around the area after visiting Melbourne Museum. The building was already closed since its past 5PM when I got out of the museum. What I can only do was to take photos of the building from the outside.

I read some historical facts of the building and learned that for the past century the building has been used for the same purpose which exhibition events. As per Wikipedia, the building was built to host Melbourne International Exhibition happened in 1880-1881 and hosted the first Parliament of Australia in 1901. The building is the first to awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in Australia and now its one of the remaining 19th century exhibition building. A very interesting facts to treasure.


Next structure to appreciate for the people who like museums and discovering things is Melbourne Museum. To be honest, I spent more than half a day in the museum but still I haven’t had enough time to see all of it. Time flies so fast when I visited the museum. I wanted to read everything but I knew it’s really impossible. I am one of the last people whom left the museum. Here are few of the photos I got inside the museum which mostly reflects what was Melbourne city look like before.



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Since I have few photos from the museum, I cannot elaborate so much about what I saw inside but one thing is for sure, it’s one of the best museum I had visited, I had been in the museum around 12PM and left past 5PM because the museum is closing, if not I definitely staying longer than that.

Walking Around Melbourne

While living in Melbourne for more than 1.5 years during my assignment for 4 consecutive projects, I was given one of the unprecedented opportunities while working abroad. What kind of opportunity was it that I am talking about? An opportunity to see another country which is Australia, to see another state which is Victoria and to see another city which is Melbourne.

Melbourne is one of the major city that always included in the list of most livable city in the world. Before, I know nothing about the said city but after I got a chance to lived in Melbourne for sometime, I realized and understood the truthfulness why the city is one of the most livable place on earth.

If I will be given another chance to go back in Melbourne I will come back and if I will be given a chance to live there, I wholeheartedly accept it.

Living in one place for a while does not mean you already see everything. I live in my country since birth but I haven’t even got a chance to see quarter of it. While living in Melbourne, I tried my best to see more of the city. To appreciate Melbourne or any other places, I always think that walking is the best way to see it specially if times allows it. I prefer to walk even there’s a tour available, not only because it’s cheaper but because walking in the city or walking in places gives me a chance not only to see it but to experience it.

I did some walks in Melbourne together with my camera following the walking tour maps that I got from Visitor Center at Federation Square and other interesting walks available near or within the metropolis.

Here are some of the posts portraying Melbourne with European atmosphere city down under.

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The list above may not be the complete list yet but will be updated if necessary. The link for each post may or may not yet available as you found this post. The article maybe still under its way. I wrote this post a bit later after I published the post for my first walk done in Melbourne – “On The Water Front – Melbourne Walking Tour Part 1“.