Blissful Second : Chinese New Year Parade Drummer and Performer


Blissful Second (Post#1) : Chinese New Year Parade Drummer and Performer

Festival and parades usually compliment with each other, when there is festival there is definitely a parade. When we visited Hong Kong it was the season of Chinese New Year in 2012, during that time, we tried to see the parade in Kowloon. At first, we were just strolling around in the city until the time arrived that the parade started. We really don’t know where the parade is happening but since we were there already and we noticed where the barricades had been placed, it gave us a chance to know where the parade will took place. We had a great  time seeing the parade itself. Snapshot captured last January 2012.

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Name Of The Place : The Peak Galleria


Name Of The Place (Post#5) : The Peak Galleria

The place called “The Peak Galleria” can be found in the famous mountain commonly known as “The Peak” or Victoria Peak. It is located in western part of Hong Kong Island. The photo was captured when we had a chance to visit the place last Jan 2012 during Chinese New Year season. It was our second time to visit the place as the first time we tried, when we were at the top, the weather was not really good, it’s drizzling and too windy where it’s too cold for my mom to handle.