Structure : Royal Exhibition Building


Structure (Post#3) : Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building is one of the building on my list that I wanted to visit while I was in Melbourne. But it was only happened when Motorclassica (showcasing classic cars) event happened last October 2013.. Visiting the building requires reservation and most of the time, it is fully booked for events and exhibitions. This building based on history was the first in Australia to be awarded as UNESCO World Heritage status, being one of the last remaining 19th-century exhibition building. The building also hosted the opening of the first Parliament of Australia in 1901.

In The Middle Of Somewhere : The Venetian Macao – Casino


In The Middle Of Somewhere (Post#3) : The Venetian Macao – Casino

When we got a chance to visit Cotai Strip in Macau, one of the luxury hotel and casino in the area is The Venetian Macao. We went inside the establishment to see what’s in it. Though we never play any gamble games and we never tried to walk inside, I took a photo in some part of the casino while stepping in  ascending escalator and the photo above was the snapshot result. Photo taken last January 2012.

Glenelg – Popular Beach Side Suburb of Adelaide

After Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, we drove to Glenelg. Glenelg is suburb not really far away from the city centre of Adelaide. Around half an hour or less drive, anyone can immediately reach the suburb with different transporation options available. Aside from driving, there is a tram from the city centre straight to Glenelg that’s why the beach side suburb is very accessible to all.

As I looked into the information about Glenelg, I learned that the suburb is considered as the oldest European settlement in mainland of South Australia.

While at Anzac Highway in Adelaide crossing Marion Road

I always excited every time I am on my way to another place as part of the tour because I always anticipate that there are new things to see and new things to either discover or learn to the places that I am visiting. From South Terrace where we came from, we took Anzac Highway. Well Anzac name is quite famous around Australia, because it has a great part of history in the country. Similar name has been used such Anzac Bridge and Anzac War Memorial.


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–At N Esplanade


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–At King Street overlooking at Patawalonga Lake


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–At Anzac Highway in Glenelg

As we approach the suburb, from Anzac Highway we turned right to Adelphi Terrace, until we reached King Street and as we continued, we drove along N Esplanade where we witness great scenery along the road as it is a coastal road. We return to the King St and cross the bridge where we saw a scenic Patawalonga Lake and back to Adelphi Terrace and then Anzac Highway. Our bus continued its journey until we drove to the same road where the tram track from the city centre was laid out which named as Jetty Road. We passed Moseley Square and parked our bus along Colley Terrace. From Colley Terrace we started our own journey in Glenelg.


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–At Jetty Road

At Colley Terrace
Glenelg Community Centre
At Colley Terrace towards Jetty Road

After jumping off the bus, I tried to capture photos as much as I can because I only have more than an hour to explore and appreciate the place. Though it was a quick one I enjoyed my walk in the area. From Colley Terrace, I passed Glenelg Community Centre, some familiar hotel accommodations, the famous Jetty Road where the Glenelg Tram track from Adelaide City Centre, Moseley Square where Glenelg Town Hall and Pioneer Memorial are located.


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— Glenelg Jetty Hotel at Jetty Road near Moseley Square Tram Stop station

Moseley Square tram stop station
Moseley Square tram stop station
At Moseley Square (Glenelg Town Hall – left) which built last 1875 without a clock and tower clock
Moseley Square
Glenelg Town Hall
Pioneer Memorial at Moseley Square built last 1936 as part of centenary celebrations

After enjoying some time in Moseley Square, I continued my walk in the area as I saw Glenelg Beach, Glenelg Jetty and Jimmy Melrose Park. I as wander the place, I saw Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club, Beach House and a nearby Ferris Wheel. I had a great time during my quick stroll in Glenelg because I got a chance to glimpse this famous beach side suburb in Adelaide.


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— Jimmy Melrose Park near Moseley Square

Glenelg Jetty


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— Glenelg Beach


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–Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club Near Brian Nadilo Reserve


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–Beach House and Ferris Wheel at the back of Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club


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— Anzac Highway towards the city centre from Glenelg

Interior : State Library Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room Ceiling


Interior (Post#1) : State Library Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room Ceiling

The photo above is the interior design of the dome ceiling in La Trobe Reading Room inside State Library Victoria in Melbourne CBD. The photo above was just a sneak shot that I had while wandering inside the library. At first, I tried to search books to read inside this room, but to be honest my intention is to take a snapshot of this magnificent domed reading room not to be obvious to other people, that I was inside the library just to be amazed and appreciate its interior design. I sneaked this shot last July 2013. So keep quiet…shhh.

Twilight : Sydney CBD From Sydney Cove


Twilight (Post#1) : Sydney CBD From Sydney Cove

Taking photographs at night is more challenging than taking it at day time. Because, I need to tweak something in my camera just to be able to capture it clearly. Since I am still a newbie in terms of customizing the settings of my camera, I was glad that I was able to capture this very simple night shot of Sydney CBD while returning from Manly Beach through ferry. Photo captured last April 2014.

Transportation : Hong Kong – Double Decker Tram

P1010288 Transportation (Post#1) : Hong Kong – Double Decker Tram

Every time I travel, I used to take photos of anything to remember all the places that I visited. The snapshots were always random, whatever my camera caught. The photo above was one of the double-decker tram available as public transportation in Hong Kong and the one above was a flavour of a popular brand of chocolate which captured during our Chinese season visit last January 2012.

Adelaide – A Green City Named After A Queen Consort

Last May 2013, I planned a quick holiday in South Australia and Adelaide City was just one of the itinerary included in one of the tours that I had while I was in my two days holiday. One of the things that I learned while traveling as solo is the location of the hotel where I will be staying so I can walk around and discover the city coming from my accommodation without worrying about transportation.

Adelaide is the Capital City of South Australia. I lookup where its name come from until I learned that it was came from a queen consort of King William IV of United Kingdom named Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen. The city is also considered one of the greenest city in Australia. Since it was my first time visit, I had a lot of curiosities towards the city. I booked two nights in Ambassadors Hotel which can be found along King William St within CBD area. I got a flight to Adelaide with Virgin Australia airline and I bought two tours which include Grand Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.

I filed one vacation leave which was Friday and I continued my holiday to Saturday. I flew from Melbourne Friday morning past 7AM and arrived past 8AM in Adelaide. The flight was just an hour since the cities are near with each other. My Grand Adelaide tour was scheduled the same morning at 9AM. It means that after arriving in the airport I need to go straight to the Coach Terminal in Franklin St in Adelaide CBD. Because of time constraint I took the cab to the city. Before the time of my tour I was already at the bus terminal. My tour was divided into two: one was morning tour and one was in the afternoon.

I sit in the waiting area of the coach terminal, when the schedule time of the tour arrived, I went at the bus bay area where each of the coach tour are waiting and other bus that goes around Adelaide. I hopped on the bus and relax myself until our driver and tourist guide climb the bus. We left the terminal few minutes after the said schedule. We drove around the city itself and our driver/tour guide explained places that we passed on.

From Grote St which is the other road of the coach Terminal, we drove straight to Wakefield St until we reach Victoria Square or Tarntanyangga. At the time of the tour, the square was being renovated. Victoria Square is located at the heart of Adelaide CBD. It is the park that you immediately noticed while in the city.

Inside the bus at Wakefield St near Victoria Square in Adelaide CBD currently being renovated during my tour
Inside the bus at Wakefield St near Victoria Square in Adelaide CBD currently being renovated during my tour
Inside the bus at King William St to Rundle Mall
Inside the bus at King William St to Rundle Mall
Inside the bus at King William Road
Inside the bus at King William Road

After Victoria Square, we turned left to King William St and we saw the major parts of the city as the street is in the middle of CBD where Victoria Square road extended to the said street. Then, we drove straight to King William Rd, next, turned left to Pennington Terrace until we reached Montefiore Hill where we found the statue of William Colonel Lights whom the First Surveyor General fixed the site and laid out the City of Adelaide. I learned that William Light was the one chose and designed the street of Adelaide as well as the parklands.

Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Messages in the Status of Colonel William Light
About Colonel William Light
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill

From the same hill, we had a great view of the Adelaide CBD with the overlooking of some of the structure of the city such as the ongoing Adelaide Oval (at the time of the tour, the Oval was being redeveloped, right now the Oval was already finished and opened for business again).

View in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill, Adelaide Oval under constructions
View in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill, Adelaide Oval under constructions

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After spending time at the hill, we drove down back through Montefiore Rd, turned left at War Memorial Drive and turned right to King William Rd. We left at North Terrace and turned right to East Terrace straight to Hutt St and Hutt Rd. Next we turned right to Greenhill Rd where Haigh’s Chocolate Factory are located. We spent some time at the factory by watching the process how the chocolate are being processed and by listening to some of the history of almost 100-year-old chocolate brand.

At King William Rd
At King William Rd
At King William Rd
At King William Rd

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After the factory, the next location we visited was Glenelg, Mount Lofty Summit and Hanhdorf. The detailed story of these places will be published in a separate posts.

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After being busy in a day tour, wherein our last destination was Hanhdorf. I arrived at Ambassador Hotel. I rested for a while and I had my dinner. After dinner, I went out for a walk. From the hotel, I walked few blocks away and arrived at Rundle Mall where majority of shopping areas, malls, boutique stores, restaurants and food courts are located.

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P1090165 P1090166 P1090167 P1090172 P1090176 P1090178

–At Rundle Mall Street

At first I didn’t really know where my footsteps led me until I just follow where most of the people were going. While at Rundle Mall, I started to like the area because most of the famous stores and markets in Australia can be found along Rundle Mall and they are close to each other within the same street. I like the place better than other cities in Australia. I spent at least more than an hour walking in the area before I decided to go back to my hotel to conclude my night that day as I have another tour the next day.

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–At Rundle Mall St

Random Angle : The Venetian Macao


Random Angle (Post#2) : The Venetian Macao

When we got a chance to visit Macau, we had an opportunity to visit the Cotai Strip in Macau where most its westernised casino hotels are located. The Venetian Macau is just one of the casino-hotel resort in the area where to see and to feel the ambiance Venice like city which mentioned from Wikipedia as the largest casino in the world and the largest single structure hotel in the world. Though I never do gambling and no idea of it personally, I just appreciated the things that we saw inside the building which for me it’s indeed nice to get to know and to discover. We had a great time just to explore the place. Photo captured last January 2012.

Structure : British Columbia (BC) Legislature Building

BC Provincial Legislature Building

Structure (Post#2) : British Columbia (BC) Legislature Building

BC Legislature Building is one of the significant structure that are noticeable within Victoria in Vancouver Island. This is the building where Members of Legislative Assembly to create, review and debate whether they pass or reject the law. From the shore, this building seems like a castle because of the architecture structure design that it has that is truly admiring to whoever got a chance to see this building. I never got a chance to enter this building as I only spent one day in Victoria during my 5 days visit in British Columbia province in Canada last June 2008.

Life In The Metro : Near At Brisbane Arcade


Life In The Metro (Post#2) : Near At Brisbane Arcade

I took the photo above last October 2013, during two-days Open House Brisbane event in the city which coincided with my two-days holiday, well it was not accident, I really planned to visit the city during open house event. The location is one of the popular shopping area and great place for foot traffic. I just enjoyed my walk in this place as I see a lot and I was also amazed of its similarities with other famous cities in Australia such as Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Chromatic Outlook : Vancouver Downtown And Vancouver Harbour


Chromatic Outlook (Post#21) : Vancouver Downtown And Vancouver Harbour

During my short visit in Vancouver, one of the public transportation that I had a chance to experience was sea bus. After my half day tour in North Vancouver, I took sea bus so I can immediately cross the harbour to reach Vancouver Downtown straight to Vancouver International Airport located at Richmond. Photo captured last June 2008.

View At My Window : Patawalonga Lake


View At My Window (Post#21) : Patawalonga Lake

One of the place that I visited in South Australia aside from Adelaide City was Glenelg. After spending more than an hour in the said place when we return to Adelaide, we pass the bridge of King St and while passing, I was hooked in the scenery. The photo above was actual photo of Patawalonga Lake just near Glenelg while inside the tourist bus and captured last May 2013.

Quick Peek of Sydney Darling Harbour

I had a post about my first travel in Sydney entitle “Serenading at Opera House” that covers the first place that I visited which was the famous Sydney Opera House and then I returned to the city after almost two weeks since I got a deal for Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves tour from Groupon which scheduled and planned prior to my first travel in Sydney. Why that was happened? It happened because the musical collaboration activity event that I attended in my first travel was announced after my Blue Mountains tour had been set.

Since I was in Australia for work and not for a holiday, the only days I had a chance to roam in Australia were mostly weekends, holidays and scheduled leaves. And similar to my first travel in the city, I just spent more than one day again in Sydney just for the tour. I booked a single room in a hostel for 1 night as I am a solo traveler. I can say that accommodations such as hotels in this prime city are quite expensive and you can get good deals in a short period of time with hostels unless I wanted to spend a lot of money for hotels for such one day holiday just to sleep for few hours.

I have to end such introductions since I’m here to tell my memories of my second visit in Sydney. I flew to Sydney at Friday night last April 2013. Then I took train from Domestic Terminal to Town Hall Station which in the middle of Central Business District of Sydney, then walked a little bit until I found the hostel that I will be staying for few hours of sleep. Yes I only had overnight in Sydney as I will be flying back to Melbourne in the evening the next day. I came to the hotel quite late like past 11PM, which I informed the hostel prior my flight as I wanted to make sure that they were aware of my arrival time because some hostels does not have 24 hours service desk and I cannot afford to sleep outside to a place that I had been second time and I do not knew someone personally. I can’t forget the experience that I had that night because the person in charge in the hostel was not around at the time I was in front of the building. I called the number and I felt relieved because someone showed up and open the door for me.

I checked out early in the morning and walked to the meeting place where the bus was stationed for Blue Mountains Tour. At the moment of my walk I saw Sydney on its most silent time which is Saturday morning because most of the time Friday night in Australia in major cities of this continent country down under are significant to them for party and chilling out. The bus was located at Level B2 Coach Terminal in Pirrama Road within The Star (The Star Sydney Casino Hotel) building.

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From the hostel (Sydney Backpackers in Wilmot Street) I walked few kilometres. From Wilmot St to George St, turned left to Bathurst St until I reached Harbour St. I passed IMAX Theatre and then saw Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. I saw some hotels surrounding the famous harbour such as Novotel and Ibis Hotel. Pyrmont Bridge which carries pedestrian and bicycle traffic are also to be found in the harbour. I peek as well the Cockle Bay and Cockle Bay Wharf, a steam ferry before but now floating restaurant South Steyne Sydney. Last but not the least, I also passed the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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For me it was really a good walk and it was a good thing that I went to the bus coach terminal early and had ample time for normal walk and photo shots in the area.

Random Angle : WAFI – Pyramids and Egyptian Themed Buildings


Random Angle (Post#1) : WAFI – Pyramids and Egyptian Themed Buildings

WAFI is one of the mall in Dubai that has unique exterior design of its building because it has EGYPTIAN theme architecture design. Because of my curiosity, I asked my college friend whom accompanied me in some nights while I was in Dubai, why WAFI has Egyptian style, and she told me that the owner of the mall are quite fascinated with Egyptian culture. It is one of the malls that I really like because I myself curious to understand the Egypt pyramids and the story behind it. Photo captured last August 2014.

View At My Window : Brisbane River


View At My Window (Post#11) : Brisbane River

I went to Brisbane during its two days Open House event. Before the event, I bought guide-book and sign-up to a lot of buildings with limited access hoping I will get a chance to be selected. One of the building I got was Riverside Centre at the City Centre of Brisbane. Photo above is the Brisbane River from Riverside Centre tower. Photo captured last October 2013.

Name Of The Place : Brisbane Central Station


Name Of The Place (Post#11) : Brisbane Central Station

Photo captured last October 2013 when I visited Brisbane during the City’s Open House event. I used to hear that Brisbane is a boring city, some recommended me to go to Gold Coast instead of Brisbane. Because of that information I checked if the city has open house event. After I found out there is, I planned my vacation during the said event so I can enjoy what does this silent city to offer and I never regret coming to the place.

View At My Window : Brisbane Domestic Airport Station

IMG_0066View At My Window (Post#8) : Brisbane Domestic Airport Station

As I enjoyed Open House in Melbourne, I checked if other cities has Open House event, Brisbane in Queensland state is another city that participated in the same event. After I found this, I scheduled myself to visit Brisbane City. After existing in city’s domestic airport, the photo above was the scenery I got while crossing the overpass bridge going to train station. I captured this photo last October 2013 during Brisbane Open House season.

A Walk to Remember – Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise

My tour on the second day in Gold Coast was finished earlier and I knew that I still have time that’s why I decided to walk on the beach. After I was dropped-off at my hotel, I prepared and left my room immediately so I can still see the beach in daylight before it gets dark.



IMG_5312Around Broadbeach Area





I started my walk from Broadbeach where my hotel is just around the corner. From Broadbeach I stroll the shore and I took my time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. It’s a quiet walk that allowed me to listens to the sounds of the sea through its waves coming to the coast. The white beach sands still shines the area.















IMG_5400Surfers Paradise

And the salty smells of the sea that made me feel the nature of the sea. During the walk, I tried to approach the water waves and then walk away so fast to avoid to get wet. And the wind that struck my body feels so relaxing. While walking along the beach I felt that the world is so perfect and there is no problem at the moment. I took a lot of photos along the way, never felt get tired. The walk showed me that life seems so simple and so beautiful. I wish that life in reality is just like the way I walked along the coast. Until then.

RM1(MYR) Putrajaya Tour – An Almost Free City Tour

My sister and I decided to visit Putrajaya, that visit become our cheapest and the luckiest accident tour that we experienced while touring around Malaysia.

We took train from Kuala Lumpur and to be honest we really don’t know how we are going to go or walk around the intelligent and garden city. As we aware that it is a planned city and as well as government city as its political centre had been moved from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya.

From our hotel in Batu 3 Old Klang Road, we took a cab straight to KL Sentral Station. From KL Sentral Station we took purple line (KLIA Transit Line) which the same line that goes to KL International Airport. We got off at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya Station.


It was Saturday that we visited the said city, we arrived at the train station without knowing that we will discover almost a free tour that runs twice a day during Saturday at that time, which only cost us exactly 1 MYR (Malaysia Ringgit) per person. At first I can’t believe until we registered at the information booth at the train station and paid 2 MYR for the tour.  For us we just came in time before the bus leaves the station on its schedule. Our problem how to go around the said city had been resolved on its own.

Putrajaya word in Sanskit are combined words, ‘putra’ means ‘prince or male child’ and ‘jaya’ means ‘success or victory’. Putrajaya unlike famous Kuala Lumpur is a planned city as Malaysian Government sees that Kuala Lumpur are overcrowded and heavily congested place that made them decided to move the government offices to the planned city.

When the bus started to roll in to the intelligent garden city, we got a chance to see and explore one of the future city of Malaysia. While we were on our way I reminisce if there is similar place that we have back home in my country that I can say that is a planned city where opportunities may arise. Though there is one city that came into my mind which is Taguig City, though not the whole Taguig but just part of it which is Bonifacio Global City but still I cannot compare its development to Putrajaya because of its directions and objectives on its city.

Moving back to Putrajaya, while inside the bus I immediately admired that the city seems intend to remain its being green city or garden city. Though not so much sky scraper exist when we visited the place, but there were already significant buildings, offices to be seen and residential areas which carefully laid out in the city. The government offices are positioned and located on prime and distinguishable parts of the intelligent city.

Aside from mosque, government buildings, residential areas that we saw in the area, another structures that made me admire the city was because of its beautifully crafted bridges. Yes we knew the function of bridges, but how it was designed made people look back again and again to the bridge. The city has beautiful lake that can be seen most of the areas of the city that made me feel that the place is just really with the nature. City’s convention center are located at some hills of Putrajaya that made it really a stunning building. Overall I felt relax in the place as we go around inside the bus. Within the tour, we stopped in some photo areas that we grabbed our chance to take photos as it’s the precious gifts in our memories that we can bring back home in my country.

Here are the tourist spot that we saw and enjoyed in the city:


  • Perdana Putra

One of the important building at the center of Putrajaya where the office complex of Prime Minister of Malaysia can be found which located at the main hill of the city


  • Masjid Putra (Putra Mosque)

Main mosque in the city which built near Perdana Putra.



  • Komplex Seri Perdana (Seri Perdana Complex)

It is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia





  • Putrajaya International Convention Centre

The main convention center in the city.




  • Seri Gemilang Bridge

Main link between the core island to the south of Persiaran Perdana and serves as main entrance both for motorist and pedestrians.



  • Seri Setia Bridge

Landmark and main route to the core island from south-east.




  • Seri Wawasan Bridge

The bridge is categorised as ‘signature bridge’ which important between the core island and residential area in Precinct 8.



Putrajaya Lake

This is the lake that makes the city’s atmosphere so soothing and relaxing to anyone’s view.




Dataran Putra (Putra Square)

According to Wikipedia, the 300 meter circular Putra Square is bounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque, Putra Bridge and the Promenade Shopping Mall.


Taman Warisan Pertanian

An agricultural park where we saw different seeds and plants available in Malaysia.



Edmonton – Silent Capital City of Alberta

Two things I will never forget in this city. First, the people I met and second, the places that I was able to visit for a short period of time.

When I informed by my boss in Manila that I will be sending in Edmonton for training there was a part of me that was unhappy. Why? Because I never heard the name of this city. I never knew that this city was existed. I wish I had been assigned to Vancouver or Toronto, because these two cities are well-known to the whole world. But, it was not my wish that should be followed. It was work that was why I was sent in this city.

I arrived in Edmonton City International Airport at past 6PM or almost 7PM last April 26, 2008 and it was Saturday. I never got a chance to walk around the airport. Once I was out of the plane I looked for my luggage and find a cab that will drive me to Crown Plaza hotel where I stayed for my first five nights.

When I got myself out of the airport, I was excited because I was curious what Edmonton looks like. Along the way, I saw some snow at the side of the road which indicates that winter season just recently over. I saw some oil company buildings and structures and I learned from the cab driver that Edmonton has a lot of it. I also noticed that Edmonton is somewhat a flat place, no mountain or even hills. I also thought that the airport is just near in the city center but it’s not. My excitement decreased when I see nothing for a while aside from a flat land. Few minutes passed again, I saw houses and small buildings which was a sign of community. I was more thrilled when I saw buildings and towers which was a sign of being a city.

I knew to myself that one day was not enough to experience this whole city. I took all my time to go around the whole Edmonton which became an interesting place to discover.

Here are the highlights of Edmonton City that I found while staying here for almost two months.