Precious Moment In The Mountain : Mount Cristobal


Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#11) : Mount Cristobal

One of our preparation or training climb before conquering Mount Apo (The Highest Mountain in the Philippines) was Mount Cristobal climb. The said training was held last February 2009. Mount Cristobal was quite challenging mountain as there were some trails where we need to walk huge rocks full of moss which quite tricky as one wrong move will result to accident and injuries. One thing that I will never forget on this mountain was the part that we took a narrow trail, the side of it is a high cliff that one mistake life may cost it. Another thing that I never expect was we were depending on solid roots of the trees that strayed in the trail that helped us to grip and hold on to ourselves while passing the treacherous track. Photo above was just one of the views to see while inside Mount Cristobal.

My old post detailed the experienced I had when we climb Mount Cristobal.
Mount Cristobal and the averse climb