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Tasmania (Day 3) : From Cradle Mountain to Sheffield to Deloraine

Two nights stay in the dorm was over and our stuff were all packed back in our backpacks again. Last day of the trip came, a signal that our trip is almost over in few hours. Three days was not enough to see the whole island of Tasmania but I am already thankful I had a chance to see some

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Discovery : Waldheim Chalet

Discovery (Post#20) : Waldheim Chalet After trekking and bush walking from Marions Lookout in Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park area, we reached Waldheim Cabins, a lodging at Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage site. Within the Cabins, we found a restored or replica of the rustic house of Gustav and Kate Weindorfer called Waldheim (“forest home”) Chalet which showcasing the

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Tasmania (Day 1) : From Mount Field to Lake St Clair to Donaghys Hill

I flew to Hobart from Melbourne at Sunday evening, June 16, 2013. I booked 3-Days tour from 17 to 19 and will return to Melbourne at 20th of the same month. I was booked for overnight stay at Edinburgh Gallery Bed & Breakfast for the next day’s start of adventure. Monday, I woke-up early and had a quick breakfast in

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3-Days Itinerary To Explore Tassie

Even though the season in Australia at that time was winter, the season cannot stop me from going somewhere. Because of the thoughts that I will be leaving Australia in August in that same year of 2013 and thinking that I will never be returning again during my first project, I really planned to see as much as I can

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Juncture With Folk(s) : At Cradle Mountain

Juncture With Folk(s) (Post#4) : At Cradle Mountain I can say that Cradle Mountain is my favorite for all itineraries that we have for the 3 days exploring around Tasmania. The photo is my souvenir shots with my group tour in Tassie. The photo is part of Tasmania Adventure Photo Collection June 2013. Please follow and like us:20

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Precious Moment In The Mountain : Cradle Mountain

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#12) : Cradle Mountain When I visited Tasmania Island in Australia, I included a tour for Cradle Mountain. The said mountain is located in the Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Claire National Park and it is one the main tourist site in the island. During the tour we did one of the available walks in the said park.

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