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Transportation : Brisbane, Queensland – Kookaburra Queen Paddle Wheeler

Kookabura Showboat Cruises, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Transportation : Perth – Scenic Cruising Boat

Transportation (Post#15) : Perth – Scenic Cruising Boat Photos of the day are all about cruising boat found while exploring Barrack Street Jetty in Perth. The jetty itself has connecting cruises between Perth and Fremantle which made the travel easy coming between the two city. Aside from mode of transportation, it is another way to experience Swan River and to

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Life Of Others : Lake Argyle – The Freshie

Life Of Others (Post#16) : Lake Argyle – The Freshie Australian are known to make informal words and used to shorten long word or group of words. The group of words that they were able to made a colloquial word is “Freshwater crocodiles” which they called it as “Freshie”. During the cruising activity in Lake Argyle, we had a chance

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Transportation : Strahan – Cruising Boats

Transportation (Post#6) : Strahan – Cruising Boats Because Strahan became the gateway of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wild Rivers National Park, cruising boats are common to see since the town converted its major industry from mining to tourism. The photo is part of Tasmania Adventure Photo Collection June 2013. Please follow and like us:20

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