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Nitmiluk National Park : Sandstone Country Full of Stunning Gorges

It was Day 1 of the 9-Days adventure tour that I joined and I felt excited while waiting for my tour that will pick me up in the hotel that I stayed the night before. I was still early on the scheduled time after I checked-out in the hotel. The Cavenagh Hotel And when there was a huge 4WD vehicle

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Transportation : Nitmiluk, NT – ARB 4×4 Vehicle

Transportation (Post#11) : Nitmiluk, NT – ARB 4×4 Vehicle In this photo, the background scenery is awesome looking towards the ground of the park, but at the side of this snapshot was the ARB 4X4 vehicle. Honestly, I love this kind of jeep or wagon because of its ability to go further even with rough road or dirt tracks. The

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Picture Frame : Edith (Leliyn) Falls

Picture Frame (Post#8) : Edith (Leliyn) Falls As part of the adventure tour where it always involve trekking and hiking, our group went to the Upper Pools of Edith Falls via Leliyn Trail which used to be the same trail to take to reach Sweetwater Pool, the farthest pool that can enjoy where Edith Falls flows into but need the

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View At My Window : Edith (Leliyn) Falls Lower Pool

View At My Window (Post#33) : Edith (Leliyn) Falls Lower Pool Visiting Edith Falls (or Leliyn Falls for Jawoyn People – one of the aboriginals taking care of the park) to enjoy natural pool for swimming adventure, even you don’t like trekking to reach the Upper Pool, the falls also has Lower Pool or Base Pool which just few steps

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