Life Of Others : Oliver Hill – King’s Skink (Egernia Kingii)

Life Of Others (Post#29) : Oliver Hill – King’s Skink (Egernia Kingii)

Photos of the day are all about King’s Skink or Egernia Kingii. A skink which is a type of lizard belong to the family of Scincidae, one of the most diverse families of lizards and endemic to Australia. Like Quokka, this creature must not be disturbed and just enjoy them from a distance. I was able to see this one when we arrived at Oliver Hill for gun and tunnel tour adventure. These photos are part of Rottnest Island Tour October 2016.





Notes :
Photo : King’s Skink or Egernia Kingii
Location : Rottnest Island WA, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth where different options are available or
2. Take cruise to the island with your own or rented boat
Official Website : Rottnest Island – King’s Skink