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White Night – A Melbourne’s Dreamy Night

White Night is a native event from Paris and was adapted by Melbourne last 2013. I was already in Melbourne when the first event happened in the city but at that time I was still new in the city I was not fully aware of the event. When I returned to Melbourne for my 3rd work assignment last February 2014, I

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Twilight : White Night Melbourne – Flinders Street Station

Twilight (Post#3) : White Night Melbourne – Flinders Street Station Photo above was captured during light shows at Flinders Street Station building in the midst of White Night celebration in Melbourne held last February 2014. Please follow and like us:20

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Name Of The Place : Flinders Street

Name Of The Place (Post#19) : Flinders Street Flinders Street is one of the famous train station in Melbourne not only because of its history but because this is station that serves the entire metro train network as anyone can commute from this station to any station. And the location of the station is strategic as it is within the

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On The Water Front – Melbourne Walking Tour Part 1

There were lots of  walking tours available that I found when I went to Melbourne Visitor Center at Federation Square located across Flinders Street Station (train station) in Swanton Street. Some walking tours are group walking tours that has affordable fees and some are free on your own. At that time I was eager to walk around the city on my own to take

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