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5 Reasons You Want to Visit Litchfield National Park

Visiting National Park for me is always great. National Park always offers great scenery that reminds me that the world is indeed a beautiful one. Litchfield National Park is not exempted that offers beautiful scenery and offers discovery of our world’s natural wonders. Below are the reasons why nature lovers must visit Litchfield National Park. 1. Cathedral Termite (Nasutitermes Triodiae)

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Litchfield National Park – Home of Fascinating Termite Mounds and Waterfalls

Since I already missed Kakadu National Park Day Tour that day, the tour company offered me to join the Litchfield National Park Day Tour wherein the pick-up time will be 7:20 AM. And because I don’t have much option since I cannot reimburse my payment for the tour that I booked, I have to at least replace it with other tour.

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View At My Window : Florence Falls

View At My Window (Post#32) : Florence Falls First Falls that we found while touring around Litchfield National Park. One of the things that I enjoyed here was the walk or trek towards the viewing platform to see the Falls. At the time we visited the falls, the plunge pool was closed for swimming as there were constructions going on

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