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Shaping Sound at The Fabulous Fox

Honestly I am eager in exploring USA. Though the first city that I had visited in the country was not famous as New York, Chicago or even Los Angeles, but I have this attitude to explore the place wherever I am whether its popular or not, I believe there is always something to learn or discover in every place and

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In The Middle Of Somewhere : Fox Theatre Lobby

In The Middle Of Somewhere (Post#11) : Fox Theatre Lobby Before and after the show, people gathered at the lobby to socialize and had a bit of fun before watching the show and before leaving the Fabulous Fox. These photos are part of Shaping Sound event at Atlanta Fox Theatre Photo Collection November 2015. Please follow and like us:20

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Interior : Atlanta Fox Theatre

Interior (Post#12) : Atlanta Fox Theatre Atlanta Fox Theatre is already part of history and its significance is being recognize not only in the city but in the whole country. The theatre has been planned for demolition before and due to circumstances it has been saved. Right now the 1920’s former movie palace is now self-sustaining as it generates income

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Strolling at Midtown Atlanta (Peachtree Street Northeast – Atlanta Walk Part 1)

After visiting Margaret Mitchell House last November 20, 2015, I thought that it was still early to wrap-up my day and since its my last day in Atlanta, as soon as I left the museum past 5 PM in the afternoon, I decided to walk the Peachtree Street. I know that there are so many streets named with Peachtree in

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Structure : “Fabulous Fox” Theatre (Atlanta)

Structure (Post#14) : “Fabulous Fox” Theatre (Atlanta) One of the branches of Fox Theatre is in Atlanta and they call it as “Fabulous Fox”. And I had a chance to find out why it was called Fabulous Fox when I got a chance to watch a dance musical show in this theatre while I was at Atlanta. Fox Theatre is

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