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Chromatic Outlook : Vancouver Downtown And Vancouver Harbour

Chromatic Outlook (Post#21) : Vancouver Downtown And Vancouver Harbour During my short visit in Vancouver, one of the public transportation that I had a chance to experience was sea bus. After my half day tour in North Vancouver, I took sea bus so I can immediately cross the harbour to reach Vancouver Downtown straight to Vancouver International Airport located at

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Precious Moment In The Mountain : Cypress Mountain

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#10) : Cypress Mountain As part of my Whistler tour during the time that I visited British Columbia in Canada, we did stopped at Cypress Provincial Park located in Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver. The scenery to be found while at the mountain was the overlooking of Greater Vancouver. The photo above was Vancouver Downtown

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British Columbia It Is Your Turn

The chance that I got to be able to visit some parts of British Columbia was not an ordinary chance. When I got a single entry visa to Canada, I knew that it was a one-time chance to see this huge country at North America. After grabbing all my opportunity to see Alberta, the province of Edmonton where I was

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Cleveland Dam

During my last tour, the third itinerary I had in North Vancouver was Cleveland Dam. As I walk out the bus and walking approaching the dam, the surrounding areas were really lovely. The natures that encompassing the Capilano Lake or Capilano Reservoir were magnificent that made me really adore it. I felt how natural the place was and felt to

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Grouse Mountain – One of the Peaks in Greater Vancouver

I knew that Canada has a lot of wonderful mountains to offer that you can’t even count. I learned that since I went to Banff in Alberta province. While traveling in Greater Vancouver area, there were lots of places to visit that involves mountains as well and Grouse Mountain was just one of them. Grouse Mountain is located at North

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