Arts and Craft : The Strike by Greg James

Arts and Craft (Post#22) : The Strike by Greg James

Photos of the day are all about sculpture entitled “The Strike” made by Greg James. The sculpture depicts the moment where two prospectors named William Ford and Arthur Bayley strike the gold in 1892. Discovery of the gold led to secure the future of colony in Western Australia. These photos are part of Perth and Surround October 2016.



The sculpture depicts the Gold Strike near Coolgardie by prospectors William Ford and Arthur Bayley in 1892 which unleashed the Gold Rushes that secured the future of the struggling colony of Western Australia. Established one of the states most successful and enduring industries and led to the foundation of the Perth Mint in 1899.


Notes :
Photo : Sculpture, “The Strike”
Location : 310 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia
Transportation : Perth CAT
Official Website : Perth Mint