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Tips in Trekking Mount Pinatubo

I am not expert adviser when it comes to  climbing or hiking mountain since I am a seasonal hiker. But the following tips that I listed below are the things that I wanted to share if anyone wanted to climb Mount Pinatubo. The list are not comprehensive but I hope it helps even in a small way. My adventure in

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Discovery : Pagat Latte Site

Discovery (Post#27) : Pagat Latte Site After hiking for more than half-an hour, in the middle of the forest in Pagat, we reached one of the Latte Site which considered an ancient latte site. Based on history, the latte site is considered lived by people between 10th to 17th century. These Latte stones are the foundation of the Chamorros home. These

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Life Of Others : Living Frog at Ancient Basalt Mortar

Life Of Others (Post#11) : Living Frog at Ancient Basalt Mortar During the hike in Pagat, since the area is protected and being preserve as it is a national historical site, we found a relics of Basalt Mortar used by local Chamorros even before Spaniards arrived. And while my buddy guide telling about the basalt mortar, we found these living

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