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Chromatic Outlook : Margaret Mitchell House

Chromatic Outlook (Post#41) : Margaret Mitchell House Here are some photo collections that I was able to capture while visiting Margaret Mitchell House and now a museum. These photos are part of Margaret Mitchell House Visit Photo Collection November 2015. Rear View (from Crescent Ave NE) Side View (from building beside the house) Front View (along Peachtree St NE)  

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Buckhon Village (Hanok Village) – Back to the Past Adventure (Part 2)

It was Monday, most of the tourist spot we wanted to see were closed. Because We don’t have so much option to choose we decided to go to Bukchon Village, one of the hanok village in South Korea located in Seoul. Bukchon is located between two palaces, Changdeokgung on the east and Gyeongbokgung on the west. In the past, the

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