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Kangaroo Island – Australia’s Wild Life Park Island

It was my second and last tour in South Australia, I knew that one of the hardest thing to decide when traveling is choosing which tour or adventure to select and which one is to give up. When I’m planning my holiday in this state, I wished that I had a longer days of holiday but I don’t have. After

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Name Of The Place : Flinders Chase National Park

Name Of The Place (Post#21) : Flinders Chase National Park When I visited Kangaroo Island in South Australia, one of the National Park we visited was Flinders Chase National Park which includes two geological monuments such as Remarkable Rocks and Admiral Arch. After seeing the two geological monuments, I also enjoyed the nature within the park, some areas nearby Remarkable Rocks had

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Life Of Others : Kangaroo Island – Sleepyhead Seal

Life Of Others (Post#2) : Kangaroo Island – Sleepyhead Seal It was my second day in South Australia and I was in Kangaroo Island when we saw this one. Seal which was sleeping at the time we went to Seal Bay. This was just one of the seal we saw, and majority of them did the same thing as if

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Panoramic View : At Remarkable Rocks Lookout

Panoramic View (Post#9) : At Remarkable Rocks Lookout When I traveled in some part of South Australia state for 2 days, 1 day of that spent in touring Kangaroo Island. And one part of the itinerary was to see the “Remarkable Rocks” in Flinders Chase National Park. And near the “Remarkable Rocks” I found this scenic view which faces Great

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