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Still Expression : Smile And Wave

Still Expression (Post#2) : Smile And Wave I selected the photo above to showcase the expression of smile and hand wave as it describes the emotion at the moment of the people. This photo is in the same collection of the first post for this theme which all came from Disney Adventure in Hong Kong last January 2012 during parade

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Blissful Second : Chinese New Year Parade Drummer and Performer

Blissful Second (Post#1) : Chinese New Year Parade Drummer and Performer Festival and parades usually compliment with each other, when there is festival there is definitely a parade. When we visited Hong Kong it was the season of Chinese New Year in 2012, during that time, we tried to see the parade in Kowloon. At first, we were just strolling around

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Still Expression : Undisclosed Reflection

Still Expression (Post #1): Undisclosed Reflection As I am most interested in taking photos of places and scenery, I am not really that good in taking photos of people, but I cannot avoid to get one. One thing that I am probably interested is taking snapshots of moments where people are in random movement rather than taking post of their

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Name Of The Place : Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Name Of The Place (Post#9) : Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Hong Kong, one of the main reason why we traveled here was because of Disneyland. Disneyland is a magical place in the essence that you witness magical characters and its settings that we only saw in TV and movies. Sometimes dreaming in our life is important to make us happy

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Chromatic Outlook : Disneyland Station

Chromatic Outlook (Post#3) : Disneyland Station When we had a chance to visit Hong Kong last Jan 2012, we did not miss to go to Disneyland. The photo above is Disneyland station in Disneyland Resort Line captured when we were leaving the theme park. This post has been updated to add the link of and to participate in the following:

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