Something To Look At : Larrkardiy (Boab Trees) and Jilkarr (Termite Mounds)

Something To Look At (Post#14) : Larrkardiy (Boab Trees) and Jilkarr (Termite Mounds)

When we were in Derby and while were in Centenary Pavilion just near Derby Wharf, there are information boards when anyone will had a chance to look at it, will learn something about Australian Aboriginals that lives in Kimberley. I witnessed the Boab Trees and termites mounds strayed in the outback of Northern Territory and wilderness of Northwest of Australia.  Before reading it, I did not knew what Boab Trees and Termite Mounds means for indigenous people of Australia. But After I saw it, how amazing the belief of the first people in such places.

“Larrkardiy” or Boab Trees categorized as “Malaji” believes to have special mystical forces. And according to Traditional Law, people who injure it or intrude without authority expose themselves to the prospect of retribution by these forces.

“Jilkarr” or termite mounds are treated with devotion and respect. Historically, the mortuary remains of deceased people are interred in active mounds and the termites resealed the entrance to the cavity that was created to accommodate the remains.

Some photos are part of Day 9 (Tunnel Creek, Derby and Broome) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016. Some are photos taken within Northern Territory and Kimberley Western Australia to represent the main idea being shown here.





Boab Trees


Derby Prison Boab Tree


Giant Termite Mounds




Young Termite Mounds