Structure : The Melbourne Athenaeum

Structure (Post#8) : The Melbourne Athenaeum

The building is former Mechanic’s Institute and also called as The Athenaeum. This is a combination of Library, Museum and Art Gallery, Meeting Places and even a Live Theatre. This structure is almost as old as Melbourne since it’s the home of oldest public institution. This photo captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


Something To Look At : The Athenaeum – A Bit of History Through A Stone

Something To Look At (Post#4) : The Athenaeum – A Bit of History Through A Stone

The snapshot below depicts important years in the history of The Melbourne Athenaeum building. The Athenaeum which is another name of the building is significantly been part of Melbourne History as it serves specific first things in the city itself. I was totally amazed when I realized how really old the building is and just thinking that it will soon celebrate its second centennial on 2039. This photo captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


The Melbourne Athenaeum – Victoria’s Oldest Subscription Library

The first building that I had a chance to visit during Open House Melbourne event last July 2013 was The Melbourne Athenaeum, also called as The Athenaeum. It was mentioned that the building is as old as Melbourne itself. It was built in 1842 to house the first Mechanics’ Institute (the first name of the building) in Victoria. First President was Captain William Lonsdale whom supervised the founding settlement of Port Philip, now named as Melbourne and first Patron Superintendent of Port Philip, Charles La Trobe who become first lieutenant-governor when Victoria become a separate colony at that time. The building is the home of the oldest public institution in Victoria. It is also significant as the site of the first Melbourne Council Meetings from 1842 to 1852.



The building in 1842


The building in 1874


The building in 2013

When the building was renovated in 1924, the large hall become a modern theatre and it became one of Melbourne’s premier picture theaters, screening films and live theatre. The Athenaeum housed Melbourne’s earliest museum and art gallery and was venue of the lectures by Mark Twain (American writer, humorist and lecturer) and Sir Redmond Barry (Doctor of Laws and Judge of Supreme Court in Victoria).

When I entered the building there were receptionist and guides that welcomes visitor of the building and they gave some directions which area of the building is open for the visitors. At the time of my visit, the open for public is Athenauem Library, the reading room on the mezzanine floor, the foyer, as well as the exhibition “The Melbourne Athenaeum in Pictures”. The live theatre was closed and I never got a chance to see inside of it.

Below are some parts of the building that I had a chance to see.

The Foyer


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Photo Exhibits within The Foyer

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When I walked inside the building, I felt excited when I saw the kind of interiors inside the building. At first I know nothing about the library but through looking in its different photos exhibited from the hallway up to the reading room, I discovered how historic the building is.

The Library and Reading Room


Reading Room in 1918


Reading Room in 2013

When I was in reading room, one thing caught my attention, I knew it was a classic though not yet sure if I was correct, it’s the elevator. And I was more amazed when I learned that it still working at the time of my visit.

The Historic Lift

The famous lift in the library was established in 1930 which still in operation as of the moment and one of only two of its vintage in Melbourne. It decorative interiors based on history as Interwar Neo-classical or classical revival.


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Additional :


Stairs to Comedy Club (Athenaeum Theatre Two)


1. Plan to visit The Melbourne Athenaeum ?

Address: 188 Collins Street, Melbourne

Library – To use the library, membership is required. Please check membership information here. Or visit the official website of the library here.

Theatre – To watch shows and to see the theatre, visit its official website here.

The building open in a daily basis but with a fee (either through membership for the library or tickets for theatre, gallery or museum), but if you really wanted to see inside of it for free, the right opportunity is during Open House Melbourne which happens in one weekend of July every year, to check if the building is participating in Open House Melbourne event please check here.

2. Public Transportation Ticket – Use Myki (Melbourne Ticketing System), please check here for more details.

3. Directions

Using tram

Use tramTracker Apps or even just Google Maps (use directions) and there are tram routes available
Route: 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 –> get off at Stop 11 – Town Hall / Collins Street
Route: 112, 109, 48 –> get off at Stop 6 –  Town Hall / Collins Street

Using train

Visit the official Public Transport Victoria website to be able to use the Journey Planner for the next train schedule.

Ride from any station and get off at Flinders Street Station
From Flinders Street Station, get off at St Kilda Road Exit and continue walking along Swanston Street and turned right at Collins Street.

Arts and Craft : Art Nouveau Bronze Lamp Holder

Arts and Craft (Post#4) : Art Nouveau Bronze Lamp Holder

I was trying to find more information about the artist of this brass lamp-holders shaped like angels but I wasn’t lucky. This lamp holder complimented the interior of the building which categorized as Renaissance Revival Style. This photo captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


Interior : The Athenaeum – Renaissance Revival Style

Interior (Post#4) : The Athenaeum – Renaissance Revival Style

The Melbourne Athenaeum considered to have a Renaissance Revival Style which depicts on some snapshots that I got during the visit in the building at Open House Melbourne event. These photos captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


Discovery : The Athenaeum – Historic Lift

Discovery (Post#7) : The Athenaeum – Historic Lift

The famous lift in the library inside The Melbourne Athenaeum Library was established in 1930 which still in operation as of the moment and one of only two of its vintage in Melbourne. These photos captured last July 2013 and part of The Melbourne Athenaeum Photo Collection.


State Library of Victoria – One of the First Free Public Libraries in the World – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 2

State Library of Victoria is located at the city centre or central business district of Melbourne, it is specifically found between Little Lonsdale Street and La Trobe Street and between Swanston Street and Russel Street. Swanston Street is a famous street and a major tram track in the city. I used to see and pass the State Library since it’s near in major shopping district and almost surrounded by shopping malls, markets and stores. The library can be easily reach since its major train station which is Melbourne Central has exit in Swanton Street and on its front is also a tram station. This means anyone whom lost in this area will definitely not going to miss the library. Continue reading State Library of Victoria – One of the First Free Public Libraries in the World – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 2

Seoul And Beyond – Random Moments

On this post, I am not really going to tell a story but just to show some photos that I randomly took while walking in some areas of Seoul and other places while doing nothing or just looking for something. And this will be the last standard post that I had with the topic about South Korea unless I come back again to this country that I fall in love with. For single photo or image post, South Korea may still appear in random pictures which I usually published everyday.

Within Seoul

1. Incheon International Airport

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After we got off the plane and walked to the arrival area of the airport, there were few people around since we arrived past 8PM in the evening.

2. Nonhyeon Bus Stop

I captured this photo because we were trying to see if we were able to use the bus instead of train to go somewhere until we realized we never understand what’s the information in front of us.

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3. Jeonggak Station Exit

When we were on our way to Insadong, we got off at this exit as we understand its somewhat the nearest exit in Jong-ro to the market until we found Tapgol Park along the road.

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4. City Hall Station Exit

I had this photo after coming from Insadong market and we planned to go to City Hall Station to buy a discounted ticket to Everland at Hotel President. All of us were fascinated with the hanging umbrellas displayed at the exit stair we took after getting off the station. We also found a modern style of entrance/exit transportation card reader.

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We had some time to walk around the area where we saw City Hall itself. We saw one of the main gate of Deoksugung (no photo captured), a palace that we haven’t had a chance to see though we have ticket for it.

5. Seoul Metropolitan Library

Seoul Metropolitan Library 2

6. Hotel President

Hotel President 1

This was the place where we bought our discounted ticket and memory of the Philippine Tourism center near City Hall area.

7. Taepyeongno 2(i)-ga

This was the street that we passed through while we were on our way to Sungnyemun Gate. I enjoyed the short walk in this street because both lanes has Korean restaurants. After walking at the side of Sejong-daero, we saw Namdaemun Market.

Taepyeongno 2(i)-ga

8. Gyeongbokgung Station Exit

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During our first day adventure in Seoul, the photos captured while we were on our way to Gyeongbokgung Palace after getting off the train.

9. Sejong-daero

I captured the photo above after we came from Gyeongbokgung Palace on our way to Sejong Center.

Sejong-daero Near Gyeongbokgung Palace

8. Sungnyemun Gate

We saw this gate while walking along Sejong-daero after we came from Hotel President where we bought our Everland discounted ticket. This gate is said to be one of the eight gate that surround Fortress Wall of Seoul which surrounded the city in the Joseon dynasty.

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10. Seoul Station and Surrounding Area

Photos taken after we came from DMZ Tour, got off at Seoul Station, walked a little until we found Concos The Galleria where we had our lunch before returning to our hotel to pick-up our luggage for our flight the night of that same day.

Seoul Station 1

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11. Seoul City Tower

One of the building around the area of Seoul Station, captured this photo when we returned from an activity we attended in Seoul.

Seoul City Tower

12. Gangnam-daero

I captured this while walking along Gangnam-daero after our Everland adventure. To be honest, we stayed in a hotel which in Gangnam area but unfortunately we never really had time to explore it. The only chance we had after we came from Everland, we walked along the road and discovered we stayed in one of the busiest district in Seoul.


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Small Street in Gangnam Area

 Beyond Seoul

13. AK Plaza – Suwon Exit Station Mall

Snapshot captured while we were trying to figure out how to go to Hwaseong Fortress. It is one of the noticeable building as the location is both foot and automobile traffic area.

AK Plaza - Suwon Station Exit 1