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Name Of The Place : MacRitchie Reservoir

Name Of The Place (Post#18): MacRitchie Reservoir One of the place that I really enjoyed in Singapore was MacRitchie Reservoir since it was the place where I did some trekking and felt I was surrounded by nature even though it was not mountain but most likely a forest hill. It was one of an escape place away from the bustling

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Panoramic View : MacRitchie Reservoir

Panoramic View (Post#18): MacRitchie Reservoir When we arrived in this place for walking and trekking adventure, I fell in love with the place. MacRitchie Reservoir is one of my favorite place in Singapore as the area has nature surroundings that helped me forget that I live in the city. The reservoir shot has relaxing view that kept me standing there

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Walking and Trekking at MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir

Year 2008 was the year that reminded me or let say reawakened in my self that I love nature. I love greens and forest and that led me to love mountains. When I moved to Singapore for work I knew that I am sacrificing one thing that I love that is climbing a mountain. Singapore is a city, though it

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