Discovery : Ord River (Lake Argyle) Dam Wall

Discovery (Post#40) : Ord River (Lake Argyle) Dam Wall

Knowing that Lake Argyle is a man-made reservoir was a disbelief for me at first. I was amazed when I learned it. It was the biggest reservoir that I had seen so far up to date. For me it wasn’t look like a man-made dam, but it is. The thing that made me realized that it was a man-made was the dam wall itself which called Ord River Dam Wall or Lake Argyle Dam Wall. These photos are part of Day 2 (Judbarra/Lake Argyle) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.

Ord River Dam or Lake Argyle is now one of the worlds largest man made water bodies and was formed by an earth and rock filled dam in the Carr Boyd Ranges. Ord River Dam was constructed to provide a major storage reservoir that will maintain a stable level in Lake Kununurra, which enabled the water to be diverted by gravity to the Ivanhoe Plain. The permanent water supply to Lake Kununurra also enabled the development for irrigated land on the adjacent Packsaddle Plain.

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