Discovery : Dinosaur Footprints

Discovery (Post#50) : Dinosaur Footprints

Photos of the day are all about Dinosaurs Footprints. One of the displays that caught my attention while exploring Broome Historical Museum were the dinosaurs footprints. We learned about dinosaurs because of fossil evidences that these creatures indeed exist about million years ago and had lived in our world. I saw two footprints fossilized in rocks which said to be found in north-west coast of Australia. Broome actually offers tours which visits sites of dinosaur prints in the nearby coast which visible during low tide. These photos are part of Broome Historical Museum Visit October 2016.


120 million year old print from a theropod was cut from rock at Crab Creek and put on the black market. The offender was arrested and the footprint subsequently donated to the Broome Historical Society.



The dinosaur footprint was kindly loaned to the Broome Historical Society by Peter Meier, who found it amongst a load of Kimberley sandstone when landscaping.

These prints are from the Megalosaurus Broomensis, a predatory dinosaur which scientist believe to have been about 9 metres long and five meters high.

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