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Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia Capital Territory, Australia

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Queen Victoria Women’s Centre – Vestige of Old Hospital But Now A Women’s Pride

Another more than century old and historical building that I had a chance to tour during Open House Melbourne event last July 2013 was Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. It was built in 1848 as Melbourne Hospital and undergone different era (different names) which become part of the colorful history. Here’s a bit history of the building. Former “The Melbourne Hospital”

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Structure : Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Church

Structure (Post#6) : Cairns Memorial Presbyterian Church Presbyterian church built in 1895 but due to fire happened in 1988 where the shell of the building are the only remains, it was converted into luxury apartments. Photo is part of East Melbourne Historical Houses and Building Collection 2013. Please follow and like us:20

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Structure : Shrine of Remembrance

Structure (Post#5) : Shrine of Remembrance Shrine of Remembrance is the National Memorial War of Victoria, dedicated initially to people who served in armed conflicts such as war. But presently, the shrine also used to commemorate the people who are even in active duty to serve the country. The snapshots captured last July 2013, as part of my photo collection

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5 Captivating Facts about Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne Walking Tour – Part 8

Well, it’s more than a month since the last time I published my last article here. Got been busy and in other things of my life and never got a chance to write my travel adventure recently. To start with since this is my first travel post for the year 2017, I would like to greet everyone a great new year

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Chromatic Outlook : Australian War Memorial

Chromatic Outlook (Post#6): Australian War Memorial Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial to remember its military forces and other supporting forces who died for its country. I had a chance to visit this place last June 2013 when I visited Canberra which is the Australian Capital City (called as Australian Capital Territory). This post has been updated to add

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