Panoramic View : Mentone Beach


Panoramic View (Post#10) : Mentone Beach

One of the self adventure that I did while staying in Melbourne was to visit the Bayside area. Bayside is composed of different suburbs which majority of it lies in south-eastern side of Metro Melbourne. Before, I was confused because there are suburbs and then there is Bayside. I checked the website of Bayside and they sent me a lot of brochure that I really appreciated because it keep me informed while walking at the coastline of the Bayside City. I learned that the following city such as Brighton, Sandringham, Moorabbin, Mordialloc and Bayside were united to become Bayside City.

The photo above is just one of the photos of Mentone Beach that I captured which partially part of Frankston and Mentone. During my walking adventure, I started my first part walk in this beach. Photo captured last December 2013.

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