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Abeling Tribe Outreach and Mount Tangisan Side Trip Climb 

The mountaineering group that I belong did a lot of adventures, trips and climbs. Some were in abroad but mostly were within our beloved country. This group gave me a chance to see a lot of places, unforgettable and unique experiences. Another type of adventure that the group involved with are doing outreach activity mostly to remote places. The group

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Panoramic View : Mount Arayat Summit

Panoramic View (Post#23) : Mount Arayat Summit When my mountaineering group held a school outreach for the students in Sitio San Pedro Elementary School in San Jose Tarlac last July 2012, one of our side trip adventure was to climb Mount Tangisan. And from the summit of the mountain another noticeable mountain can be seen from afar and it was

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Precious Moment In The Mountain : Mount Tangisan

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#16) : Mount Tangisan I am a member of mountaineering group in my country wherein we used to help and aid group of people and mostly students who live in remote areas that does not have easy access of help from other charity groups. Unlike other communities that easily receive help and easily reach out

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