Name Of The Place : The Peak Galleria


Name Of The Place (Post#5) : The Peak Galleria

The place called “The Peak Galleria” can be found in the famous mountain commonly known as “The Peak” or Victoria Peak. It is located in western part of Hong Kong Island. The photo was captured when we had a chance to visit the place last Jan 2012 during Chinese New Year season. It was our second time to visit the place as the first time we tried, when we were at the top, the weather was not really good, it’s drizzling and too windy where it’s too cold for my mom to handle.

Name Of The Place : Mount Maculot


Name Of The Place (Post#4) : Mount Maculot

The photo above was captured while we were on our way to climb Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas in Philippines. The climb was the First Freedom Climb held in my country and Mount Maculot was assigned in our mountaineering group which happened last June 2009.

Name Of The Place : United States of America

Name Of The Place (Post#2) : United States of America

I had this photo when I got a chance to visit White Rock in British Columbia last June 2008. Then we went a bit in Surrey. This was my chance to be in US without visa for a quick cross border. The place is called Peach Arch Provincial Park. The park is in Surrey, British Columbia if its Canada, it is in Blaine City, Washington if its USA.

At US (Washington, USA)

Name Of The Place: Orchard Rd


Name Of The Place (Post #1): Orchard Rd

Yes, Orchard Rd is famous, specially for shopaholic. This is one of the busiest street in Singapore even though most of the stores located here comes with big names in fashion world.

Aside from what I mentioned above, most Filipinos who lives, work and visits in Singapore knows this road because of one familiar place that close in our heart and made every Filipino to be at home for a moment is located here which is the “Lucky Plaza”.

What else can I say about Orchard Road? Now I remembered, the first hotel that I stayed-in outside the country is located here as well which is the Orchard Hotel Singapore.