Kangaroo Island – Australia’s Wild Life Park Island

It was my second and last tour in South Australia, I knew that one of the hardest thing to decide when traveling is choosing which tour or adventure to select and which one is to give up. When I’m planning my holiday in this state, I wished that I had a longer days of holiday but I don’t have. After spending some thoughts about it, I chose Grand Adelaide and Kangaroo Island tour. I already published the stories happened to me on my first day in Adelaide in my previous posts and this time I am focused in my Kangaroo Island experience.

Every time I travel, I tried my best to see the national park around the area or nearby area because I have this thoughts that there is something special in such kind of place, something considered as natural treasure that humanity must protect. Kangaroo Island has Flinders Chase National Park and conservation parks wherein Seal Bay Conservation Park is one of them. The name of the Kangaroo Island was made because the early explorer of the island was came from the group of Matthew Flinders and at that time they haven’t eaten meat for so long until they saw small Kangaroo which the group hunted. That kind of story behind the names of places sometimes quite fascinating to learn.

Kangaroo Island Sealink Ferry Terminal - Cape Jervis

— Kangaroo Island Sealink Ferry Terminal – Cape Jervis Port

— Kangaroo Island from Kangaroo Island Sealink Ferry Terminal – Cape Jervis Port

From my hotel, the tour bus picked me up and we traveled to Cape Jervis for more than 1.5 hours where the Kangaroo Island Sealink ferry terminal is located. We jumped off the bus and transferred to the ferry that will bring us to the island which gave us a chance to cruise Backstairs Passage. In less than an hour we arrived at Penneshaw which is the ferry terminal of Sealink in Kangaroo Island. We left the ferry and transferred to the tour bus that’s waiting for us.

At Penneshaw Kangaroo Island - Kangaroo Island Sealink Ferry Terminal

— Kangaroo Island Penneshaw Port – Bay Terrace

From Penneshaw, we took Bay Terrace and North Terrace. We turned left to Thomas Wilson St to Howard Drive, then straight to Hog Bay Road. I enjoyed the ride as my eyes wandering in sceneries that I saw in the island such as Penneshaw Hotel near the port and Sea Dragon Lodge where a yacht station for island residences and visitors. The island is said to be the third largest island in Australia which means that one day may not enough to see all of the island. While inside the bus, one of my self entertainment was capturing photos as much as I can to remember all the places that I had been.

— Some window view snapshots from the bus along North Terrace road.

— Snapshots along Howard Drive

— Snapshots from Hog Bay Road

After passing Howard Drive, we stayed in Hog Bay Road in a while. Along the road, we saw American River which looks like a lake at first while inside the bus just to realised it is a river where it ends in Easter Cove of the island. Next thing happened that I noticed, we turned left on the way to Seal Bay Conservation Park. I can’t remember which road we took but one thing that I remembered, we passed the nearby island airport. We reached the Seal Bay Conservation Park. The park is located in the nearby coastal area or beach area called as Seal Bay Aquatic Reserve which is the access to many seals towards the bay. The park has boardwalk where visitors can walk through without disturbing the seals around the park. During our visits, most of the seals that I saw were sleeping or lets say they were resting. When I saw the seals, it actually confused me because they look like a sea-lion to me. But I noticed there’s difference between Seal and sea-lion. I found out that seal has small flipper, wriggle on their bellies on land and lack visible ear flaps while sea-lion has large flipper, walk on land using flipper and have visible ear flaps.

American River from Hog Bay Rd

—  American River from Hog Bay Rd



— Seal Bay Visitor Information Centre

— Seal Bay Conservation Park



— Sleepyhead Seals

I enjoyed my walk around the Seal Bay, with the help of our tour guide, we got a chance to walk in the nearby seashore area where we saw other seals in the sand, some were just came from the sea and some were sleepyhead seals. While looking and watching the seals, I can say they are one of the cutest sea-lion family that I saw. Seal Bay is in the southern part of the island where I experienced cold wind from the south because I visited the place during the end of month of Autumn season.




— Sleepyhead Seals with some group of birds flocked together

— Seal Bay Aquatic Reserve

After enjoying Seals, we move to one of the wild life park in the island called Kangaroo Island Wild Park. Before it was called as Parndana Wildlife Park. Here we got a chance to see other animals aside from seals wherein the park collaborates with the island as they also protects and takes care of the animal being by providing conducive environment for them. After the wild life park, next area of the island we visited was Remarkable Rocks. Before we reached the magnificent rock formation, we stopped at the Remarkable Lookout to see the rock formation from a distance.

— Some animals at Kangaroo Island Wild Park (Parndana Wildlife Park)

— Kangaroo Island Wild Park (Parndana Wildlife Park)

Flinders Chase National Park



— At Boxer Drive near Remarkable Rocks Lookout

Along Boxer Drive we appreciated exquisite sceneries along the edges of the island or the coastline. The bay is what they call Great Australian Bight. Within the area, where ever I turned my eyes into, I saw calmness and beauty of the place admiring the island and felt good knowing it is being protected as many generations will  be able to visit the place.





— At Remarkable Rocks (Surrounding Area)





— Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks is one of the popular tourist site in the island. When I saw the rocks, I was surprised because of its unique shapes and the location where the rocks stands. Because the rocks standout, it is noticeable whether you are in the island or you are in the sea. The name remarkable is probably appropriate as the name of the rocks because it is distinguishable among other rocks known to the world.

Next thing happened was were driving to Cape Du Couedic Road where we saw Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse. The area is part of Flinders Chase National Park, like the Remarkable Rocks, the place has amazing sceneries to enjoy. Based on history, the coastline off Flinders Chase became the final resting place of 14 ships which came to grief on the rocky shores which led to push the building of the tower in the area though even there some contingency lights used before.

It is the same place where to find the Admirals Arch and the New Zealand sea-lion fur. Before we end our tour in the island, we had a short visit in Flinders Chase National Park Visitor Centre.

— At Cape Du Couedic Road on the way to Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse looking towards Great Australian Bight


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— Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse


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— Admirals Arch


— At Admirals Arch Boardwalk looking towards Great Australian Bight with Casuarina Islets


— At Admirals Arch Boardwalk looking towards Great Australian Bight

When I was following the boardwalk in placed in the area, I never expected another tourist spot, I was actually looking for seal or sea-lion when I found out the Admirals Arch. It was a unique landmark because of it was made naturally by nature with time passed by.

The final place we went into before leaving the island park was Flinders Chase National Park Visitor Centre where more information displayed about the island, souvenir stores and cafe to indulge with.

Within the tourist group I had, there were visitors who need to go the island airport, because they were in a hurry to fly back to their country. I forgot which country it was, these travellers can afford to see places in short period of time while they can still able to catch their international flight, well I honestly admired them for taking chances to see more as much with a little time left.


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— Flinders Chase National Park Visitor Centre

Adelaide – A Green City Named After A Queen Consort

Last May 2013, I planned a quick holiday in South Australia and Adelaide City was just one of the itinerary included in one of the tours that I had while I was in my two days holiday. One of the things that I learned while traveling as solo is the location of the hotel where I will be staying so I can walk around and discover the city coming from my accommodation without worrying about transportation.

Adelaide is the Capital City of South Australia. I lookup where its name come from until I learned that it was came from a queen consort of King William IV of United Kingdom named Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen. The city is also considered one of the greenest city in Australia. Since it was my first time visit, I had a lot of curiosities towards the city. I booked two nights in Ambassadors Hotel which can be found along King William St within CBD area. I got a flight to Adelaide with Virgin Australia airline and I bought two tours which include Grand Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.

I filed one vacation leave which was Friday and I continued my holiday to Saturday. I flew from Melbourne Friday morning past 7AM and arrived past 8AM in Adelaide. The flight was just an hour since the cities are near with each other. My Grand Adelaide tour was scheduled the same morning at 9AM. It means that after arriving in the airport I need to go straight to the Coach Terminal in Franklin St in Adelaide CBD. Because of time constraint I took the cab to the city. Before the time of my tour I was already at the bus terminal. My tour was divided into two: one was morning tour and one was in the afternoon.

I sit in the waiting area of the coach terminal, when the schedule time of the tour arrived, I went at the bus bay area where each of the coach tour are waiting and other bus that goes around Adelaide. I hopped on the bus and relax myself until our driver and tourist guide climb the bus. We left the terminal few minutes after the said schedule. We drove around the city itself and our driver/tour guide explained places that we passed on.

From Grote St which is the other road of the coach Terminal, we drove straight to Wakefield St until we reach Victoria Square or Tarntanyangga. At the time of the tour, the square was being renovated. Victoria Square is located at the heart of Adelaide CBD. It is the park that you immediately noticed while in the city.

Inside the bus at Wakefield St near Victoria Square in Adelaide CBD currently being renovated during my tour
Inside the bus at Wakefield St near Victoria Square in Adelaide CBD currently being renovated during my tour
Inside the bus at King William St to Rundle Mall
Inside the bus at King William St to Rundle Mall
Inside the bus at King William Road
Inside the bus at King William Road

After Victoria Square, we turned left to King William St and we saw the major parts of the city as the street is in the middle of CBD where Victoria Square road extended to the said street. Then, we drove straight to King William Rd, next, turned left to Pennington Terrace until we reached Montefiore Hill where we found the statue of William Colonel Lights whom the First Surveyor General fixed the site and laid out the City of Adelaide. I learned that William Light was the one chose and designed the street of Adelaide as well as the parklands.

Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Messages in the Status of Colonel William Light
About Colonel William Light
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill
Statue of Colonel Lights in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill

From the same hill, we had a great view of the Adelaide CBD with the overlooking of some of the structure of the city such as the ongoing Adelaide Oval (at the time of the tour, the Oval was being redeveloped, right now the Oval was already finished and opened for business again).

View in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill, Adelaide Oval under constructions
View in Colonel Lights Lookout at Montefiore Hill, Adelaide Oval under constructions

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After spending time at the hill, we drove down back through Montefiore Rd, turned left at War Memorial Drive and turned right to King William Rd. We left at North Terrace and turned right to East Terrace straight to Hutt St and Hutt Rd. Next we turned right to Greenhill Rd where Haigh’s Chocolate Factory are located. We spent some time at the factory by watching the process how the chocolate are being processed and by listening to some of the history of almost 100-year-old chocolate brand.

At King William Rd
At King William Rd
At King William Rd
At King William Rd

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After the factory, the next location we visited was Glenelg, Mount Lofty Summit and Hanhdorf. The detailed story of these places will be published in a separate posts.

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After being busy in a day tour, wherein our last destination was Hanhdorf. I arrived at Ambassador Hotel. I rested for a while and I had my dinner. After dinner, I went out for a walk. From the hotel, I walked few blocks away and arrived at Rundle Mall where majority of shopping areas, malls, boutique stores, restaurants and food courts are located.

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P1090165 P1090166 P1090167 P1090172 P1090176 P1090178

–At Rundle Mall Street

At first I didn’t really know where my footsteps led me until I just follow where most of the people were going. While at Rundle Mall, I started to like the area because most of the famous stores and markets in Australia can be found along Rundle Mall and they are close to each other within the same street. I like the place better than other cities in Australia. I spent at least more than an hour walking in the area before I decided to go back to my hotel to conclude my night that day as I have another tour the next day.

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–At Rundle Mall St