Something To Look At : Two Ocean Meets

Something To Look At (Post#20) : Two Ocean Meets

Photos of the day are all about information that Two Ocean Meets at Cape Leeuwin. The cape itself marks the points which is 34° 22′ S, 115° 08′ E where the Indian Ocean meets Southern Ocean. There are observations that proves this where it is seen with differing ocean currents, waves and swell patterns in the waters around the cape. These photos are part of Margaret River (Western Australia) Region Tour October 2016.




Notes :
Photo : information board, Two Oceans Meet
Location : Leeuwin Road, AUGUSTA WA 6290, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Take Transwa Train from Perth Station to Bunbury Passenger Terminal. Then, take Pemberton Bus to Augusta and get off at Blackwood Avenue. Finally, take a taxi from Blackwood Avenue to Cape Leeuwin.
Official Website : Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Panoramic View : The Twelve Apostles

DSC04724Panoramic View (Post#3): The Twelve Apostles

The snapshot above is just the half side view of The Twelve Apostles. I am not really sure why it is called as The Twelve Apostles because currently there is just 8 limestone stack exist. This popular tourist spot are located along Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell National Park at Victoria state of Australia. I got a chance to see this place after joining Great Ocean Road tour last Feb 2013.

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