Chromatic Outlook : Sydney Opera House

Another photo post featuring Sydney area …

Walking Around Sydney

After writing lots of post for Melbourne (though I still have lots in my plates for Melbourne and Victoria State), now I am moving to Sydney for the mean time where I also enjoyed a walking tour. I had been in Sydney for 4 times while I was in Australia. But some of those were just peeking and passing. If you had a chance to read some of my post for Melbourne, I mentioned that I only travel every weekend or public holiday. Why? Because I was in Australia for work and not for holiday, that’s why I grab my chance to go around the country most of the time during weekend or holiday.

And maybe you are wondering, I had been 4 times in Sydney which means I went to many places within the city, but on the contrary I had visited just few places. The first ever I landed in Sydney was during the time that I attended Music Collaboration activity and stayed in the city for at least 33 hours which happened second week of April 2013.

After two weeks, second trip happened when I joined Blue Mountains and Jenolan Cave tour for a day and I logically stayed in Sydney for 11 hours. Third trip to the city, was during my visit to Canberra for a day tour on June in the same year since its more expensive to fly directly from Melbourne to Canberra and again I spent 11 hours in the city which mostly in the airport and accommodation.

During my forth and my last travel in the city which happened last April 2014, I dedicated the trip only to to see Sydney. The plan were walk around the city in some popular areas like Opera House and Circular Quay for the second time. Next, was the walked inside Queen Victoria Building. Then followed by an adventure walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. And last but not the least was a night walk in Manly Beach.

Here’s the list of places all combined from all my walking trips to the city that I had a chance to see in this incredible metropolis down under that so popular in the world and always thought to be the capital city of Australia, even myself made that mistake before.

  1. Queen Victoria Building IMG_4496
  2. Sydney Beaches
    1. Bondi Beach IMG_4657
    2. Tamarama Beach IMG_4735
    3. Bronte Beach IMG_4744
    4. Clovelly Beach IMG_4766
    5. Gordons Bay IMG_4771
    6. Coogee Beach IMG_4779
    7. Manly Beach IMG_4819
  3. Opera House and Circular Quay – First Glimpse P1080225
  4. Opera House and Circular Quay – Second Time
    1. Opera House IMG_4577
    2. Circular Quay IMG_4604
    3. Sydney Harbour Bridge IMG_4624
  5. Darling Harbour P1080955

Some of the place included a post link which means there is a published article for that specific place. For the rest that link is not available,  write-up will be coming soon.

Chromatic Outlook : Opera House – Opera Box Style Balcony (No 138 Powlett Street)

Chromatic Outlook (Post#30) : Opera House – Opera Box Style Balcony (No 138 Powlett Street)

Because of opera-box style balcony, the building has been called as Opera House which was built in 1868, don’t make this one mistake with Opera House in Sydney, that one is different. Photo is part of East Melbourne Historical Houses and Building Collection 2013.


Chromatic Outlook : Sydney Opera House


Chromatic Outlook (Post#17) : Sydney Opera House

I took the photo above during my 4th visit in Sydney as one of my holiday vacation while I was engaged in my 3rd project in Australia. The structure is amazingly great and located in one of the prime harbour in Sydney. This building becomes a symbolic figure of Sydney and Australia. And I learned that the investment to build this structure already surpassed by its earning because of its popularity not only to the tourist but also to the artist and performers where they usually choose it for concerts, conferences and even for theatrical shows. As I recall, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Princess Kate) visited this place during their recent trip in Australia last April 2014 where this photo captured after a week of their visit.

Serenading at Opera House

I attended Musical Collaboration event in Sydney, Australia. I was excited because aside from the activity, I was able to travel in Sydney for the first time. Yes, it was my first time in Sydney. When I was still in Manila, being in Sydney Australia is just a dream. Why? First, it is far from my country and I don’t have visa to be able to go to Australia easily.

When I got a project outside my country and it was in Australia, I knew that a lot of opportunities will come along, Sydney is just more than an hour flight from Melbourne which is my current location.

I was in Sydney for two days, we traveled together with my friend last April 13, 2013 and it was Saturday. From the flight in the morning we went straight to the location of the event that we attended. We took Sydney Train from Domestic Terminal station to Central station. From Central station we transferred T1 Line (North Shore, Northern and Western Line) to Hornsby and got off at St. Leonards station. From St. Leonards station, we walked nearby until we found the place of the event.

IMG_6123The whole day of Saturday passed since we were busy in the event without even noticing time was passing so fast, until we left the place of the event quite a bit late. We need to go to the house of my friend’s friend so we have a place to spend the night. It was a good thing that we just need to take one train line, from St. Leonards station to Blacktown station. From Blacktown station, my friend’s friend picked us and went straight to their home. It was a short ride from the station to their house. We had our dinner there and chat a little bit with the owner of the house, they were really cool and friendly.

Next day, it was Sunday and in the morning my friend and I attended our own personal activity. In the afternoon, we drove to Sydney Opera House. This is the only place that I was able to visit in Sydney as leisure visit because my return flight is in the evening of Sunday as well (we only spent almost two days in Sydney).











DSC05018Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the symbolic man-made building or structure of Sydney and of Australia. Most people know that once they saw the Opera House, it is Australia. When I saw Opera House from afar, I was really excited, I never thought that time will come, that Opera House will be up close and personal to me. I can’t believe it at first, but I enjoyed the day, then my friends took a lot of photos of Opera House and myself. Though I never saw what’s inside the Opera House because it requires booking and there is specific schedule for the tour, I still never regret that I was outside of the Opera House. I treasured my time spent there and I will never forget the experience.

























Some snapshot views from Opera House and surrounding area