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Top 9 Places Visited in Atlanta

Have you visited Atlanta? Or plan to visit Atlanta? For me this is the first city that I saw when I reached USA. My visit in the city was not for leisure trip but a business reason. But, I still tried to explore the city even my first 10 days has been raining. I still tried to explore this city

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Six (6) Atlanta City Walks

When the weather in Atlanta becomes better, I took my chance to walk in some part of the city during my last weekend and last Friday in the metropolis. I grouped my walk in six major places as listed below. The order of these places that I saw in my leisure walk  around the city are not necessarily based on

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Strolling at Pemberton Place (Atlanta Walk Part 3)

Pemberton Place is home of popular city tourist spots such as Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world until 2012, the World of Coca-Cola museum where the Coca-Cola secret formula is hidden in their vault and Center for Civil and Human Rights where you may have a chance to listen the unimaginable experience of people because of color discrimination

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Structure : World of Coca-Cola

Structure (Post#15) : World of Coca-Cola Seeing these photos of World of Coca-Cola from a distance, which I visited almost two years ago reminded me how great the museum was. The museum has modern style concept which for me a fantastic architectural design. These photos are part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015. Please follow and like us:20

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Restaurant : Pemberton Cafe

Restaurant (Post#1) : Pemberton Cafe What can I say with this Cafe? It is an open-air beverage and food lounge. Honestly, this is just a typical cafe. When I came here to fill me in since I was really hungry, not so much people around. But still there were people whom like me that just wanted to eat after visiting

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Name Of The Place : Pemberton Place

Name Of The Place (Post#39) : Pemberton Place During my walk within complex, I had a chance to take photos of its surroundings. The place was named as Pemberton Place in honor to Dr. John S. Pemberton, since he invented Coca-Cola in 1886. And the World of Coca-Cola museum can be found within the vicinity of the complex. These photos

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