People : Couple and Sunset – Perfect !!!

People (Post#5) : Couple and Sunset – Perfect !!!

Photo of the day is about the couple that I met again in Cable Beach when we crossed each other. The couple is one of the people who I got closed during the Overland Adventure that we had from Darwin to Broome for 9 days. I admire this couple because even they are nearing in their senior years, they are still perfectly fit for adventures and they are traveling together. Such a lovely couple from Netherlands. I capture this photo when they requested me to take photos of them looking at the sun. A very creative photo post indeed. The photo is part of 2 Days Broome and Surround Tour October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : People, Couple, Sunset, Beach
Location : Western Australia, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus Service, Broome Cycles, Car HireBroome Taxis
Link : Cable Beach

People : Dancing Chamorros

People (Post#4) : Dancing Chamorros

When I am traveling, I love to take photos of things that has my interest, most of them are more into natural landscape and scenery. Taking photos of people is not really my thing, but if taking shots of natural expression of human who are totally different from person standing still and smiling in front of camera, sometimes it is interesting to me if I took a shot similar to a stolen one where the people or person is unaware that he is being photographed, that’s where the real human expression or emotion shows. When I had a chance to watch some part of local dance of Chamorro, I took my chance to get some shots and below were the result of it. I was reminded of Hawaiian dance and not sure if the similarity are because these islands are all located in the Pacific having common a geographic location? These photos are part of Guam Adventure Photo Collection April 2017.



People : Who Wants to be Entertained?

People (Post#3) : Who Wants to be Entertained?

While walking along at Vie Show Square Taipei Hsin Yi, I passed a street entertainment portraying a character. It’s familiar to me and it looks like an anime villain but I can’t remember the name of it, or probably I was wrong in my thoughts. Anyone out there can freely identify who it might be. These photos are part of Taiwan Experimental Travel Adventure Photo Collection January 2017.



People : Music and Sunglasses

People (Post#2) : Music and Sunglasses

While walking towards Sydney Opera House, I saw other people enjoying the scenery in the area, while the others are just chilling with great music. Here is the snapshot of the band that was performing while I was roaming around the place. The photo is part of Sydney Walking Tour April 2014 collection.


People : Who Wants to Sit with Us?

People (Post #1) : Who Wants to Sit with Us?

Walking in Melbourne was really entertaining. Everyone will find something interesting and others will witness cool musicians and artists along the streets. During Open House Melbourne event, I got my curiosity when some people flock at one point and I checked it out. Below is the snapshot that I got. How amazing these people act as if they have chairs on their butt? This photo is part of my Open House Melbourne Collection 2013.