Travel Diary 101 : Going to Perth

Two days adventure in Broome was over. Though I missed the adventures that I was eager to see and experience, I was still able to maximize my time in the said remote town in Australia. Because of short period of time, even I wanted to stay, I have to move on and go to my next destination which is Perth where I spent my last 4 days in the country.

My flight was in the morning of Oct 12, 2016, Wednesday and before that day, I was able to book my airport transport to Broome International Airport via Broome Taxi which also offers airport shuttle service and at that time of my travel cost me $7 AUD. I was one of the first passenger that was picked-up by the shuttle. Then, the shuttle picked-up few more passengers before we drove straight to airport which not really far from the town proper. In the shuttle, I met again some of the senior folks came from Brisbane that I had been with when I joined Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour.  They were also flying to Perth, the same flight that I will take.

We arrived at the Broome International Airport, a small, simple but effectively working airport. When I entered the departure terminal, there were just handy people to be seen in the area since at that time, there were just two flights scheduled that morning. The assurance given to me by Broome Taxi that I booked seems to be right as the given picked-up time was really enough for my flight. Broome International Airport was not similar to other busy airports where you are required to allocate so much time before the flight to make sure it will not be missed. I felt relaxed after I checked-in my baggage and for just a couple of minutes of waiting time, we were on our way to the tarmac where our plane was parked and where we will board the plane.

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My flight from Broome to Perth was more than 2.5 hours through Qantas. And since my assigned seat was at the window side, I got a chance to view the desert of Western Australia from the top that looks like it was endless because of its enormity which made flight enjoyable with a great sight.



I arrived before lunch time at Perth Domestic Terminal 4. And when I disembarked the terminal, I looked for the shuttle bus that goes straight to the city which serve by Transperth. I got off the bus at Adelaide Tce After Bennett St Station which just few minutes walk towards Pan Pacific Perth Hotel where I stayed while in the city.

At Pan Pacific Perth Hotel, one thing that I admired though I knew that hotels and most of the accommodations has check-in time, I arrived at the hotel just past noon, which a bit early for their check-in time, but their officer cheerfully assisted me in my check-in since there is room ready for me. They do not advised me to wait but instead allowed me to check-in at earlier time. When everything were set, I went to my assigned room. I was very happy because my room has great scenery, a partial city view and Swan River view.


At Pan Pacific Hotel



Swan River

On my first day in Perth, I immediately started my adventure exploring the city and its nearby tourist destinations that I can reach.

Until then.




Name Of The Place : Perth Domestic Terminal

Name Of The Place (Post#54) : Perth Domestic Terminal

Photo of the day is about Perth Domestic Terminal. After spending more than 2 Days in Broome, the last destination that I had in Kimberley Region, I flew to Perth City to continue my last few days adventures in southern part of Western Australia. After disembarking the plane, I left the terminal with this souvenir shot while waiting for a taxi going to my hotel in the city. This photo is part of Perth and Surround October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : Perth Domestic Terminal, Airport Terminal
Location : Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia
Transportation : Qantas, Virgin Australia
Official Website : Perth Airport