Broome Walks : Town Beach, Roebuck Bay, McDaniels Lookout and Pioneer Cemetery

Since my Willi Creeek’s tour schedule was in the afternoon, I had a chance to walk in the morning. I did a walk few blocks from my hotel. My walk was not planned, I just thought to do it as I heard that the hotel is near in Roebuck Bay and just curious what the bay may look like. When I left the hotel, I turned right and walked along Robinson Street. I saw Broome Historical Society & Museum which I passed in the mean time as I found a nearby park.


I walked towards the park and there I saw the bay. I got excited and walked towards the parking lot with few vehicles on it. When I saw the name of the place, I realized that I reached the Town Beach. I saw the water park and still closed cafe. Then, I witnessed how amazing the Roebuck Bay in a clear sunny day as it depicts its beautiful turquoise water.

I walked closer to the shore and there I saw juvenile Silver Gull. And then I saw locals cleaning up the beach where they picked up few waste along the beach. Even though locals were doing that, it does not mean that the beach was dirty, the beach was still neat and wonderful during my walk.



Juvenile Silver Gull

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Broome Town Beach

After watching sometime of Town Beach, I walked further. I saw a red sign marker which looks like an information board, when I approached it I saw Black and White photo with information of Guwarri Old Jetty. When I looked at the photo and the directions of its old jetty remains was too far different from where it was before. The beautiful jetty was gone. Now the portion that used to be an old jetty is called McDaniels Lookout.  Here I got chance to see Roebuck Bay closer with mangroves along the shore and to see Town Beach in different angle.


Guwarri Old Jetty in the photo

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The portion left of Guwarri Old Jetty now McDaniels Lookout

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IMG_8589 (2)_s

Broome Town Beach from McDaniels Lookout

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IMG_8591 (2)_s

IMG_8592 (2)_s

Red-Orange Cliff and Mangroves in shore of Roebuck Bay shore

While I was standing at McDaniels Lookout, I got a chance to see and appreciate how amazingly beautiful Roebuck Bay is. Its turquoise water and mangroves made the bay wonderful. I had chance to see red-orange cliff in some part of the shore that makes the bay with different colors.


IMG_8576 (2)_s1


IMG_8579 (2)_s1


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Roebuck Bay from McDaniels Lookout

I finished my time enjoying fascinating Roebuck Bay. Before I left the Town Beach, I was curious as there is a nearby cemetery in the area. It is called Pioneer Cemetery which is more than 120 years old. I spent sometime looking on some grave until I learned that some of the people buried in the cemetery aside from early settlers of the town, were people who died during the air-raid in Broome last 1942 during World War II, before it moved to their permanent cemetery after the war.









Pioneer Cemetery

It was worth walking in this part of the town. Though I spent little time in the place, I discovered things and witnessed a scenic spot that is unique in this part of the world.

Until then.

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