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When we did a beach adventure while in Boracay, I never expected to see this mansion in Boracay West Cove, I heard from friends that this is owned by our famous boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. I did a little bit of searching in the net and it seems what I heard is true. Anyway having this kind of home in prime island in my country such as Boracay shows the wealth of the person. Photo captured last March 2012.

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Home (Post#1) : Banyugan Beach, Boracay

Boracay Island from my country home has been famous for years for both local and foreign tourist because of its great beaches that surrounds it. I never visited Boracay until my previous company that I worked with before had summer outing in this island last March 2012. The beach showed above is just one of the beach that can be found in Boracay.