Name Of The Place : Brisbane Central Station


Name Of The Place (Post#11) : Brisbane Central Station

Photo captured last October 2013 when I visited Brisbane during the City’s Open House event. I used to hear that Brisbane is a boring city, some recommended me to go to Gold Coast instead of Brisbane. Because of that information I checked if the city has open house event. After I found out there is, I planned my vacation during the said event so I can enjoy what does this silent city to offer and I never regret coming to the place.

View At My Window : Brisbane Domestic Airport Station

IMG_0066View At My Window (Post#8) : Brisbane Domestic Airport Station

As I enjoyed Open House in Melbourne, I checked if other cities has Open House event, Brisbane in Queensland state is another city that participated in the same event. After I found this, I scheduled myself to visit Brisbane City. After existing in city’s domestic airport, the photo above was the scenery I got while crossing the overpass bridge going to train station. I captured this photo last October 2013 during Brisbane Open House season.

View At My Window : Gold Coast


View At My Window (Post#7) : Gold Coast

One of my first adventure that I did when I visited Gold Coast in Queensland state in Australia was to go to the top of the highest residential building in Australia which is called Q1. The scenery above is just one of the panoramic view to witness at Skypoint area in Q1. The photo above is one side of  Surfers Paradise beach towards Broadbeach which includes the Towering buildings near the coastline.

I have another post which described the experience in climbing the Skypoint in Q1  building:
Climbing Skypoint At Q1 – 5th Tallest Residential Building In The World

Panoramic View : Mountview Alpaca Farm


Panoramic View (Post#7) : Mountview Alpaca Farm

During my Oreilly’s Tour when I traveled to Gold Coast in Queensland state in Australia, one of the itinerary included in the tour is to visit the Mountview Alpaca Farm. At the restaurant, the photo above was one of the scenic view to appreciate while stopping by. Photo captured last May 2014.

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View At My Window : Cairns Sea View and Grey Peaks National Park


View At My Window (Post#3): Cairns Sea View and Grey Peaks National Park

When I traveled in Cairns with my close friend in Melbourne, I booked a hotel which is Comfort Hotel Acacia Court which located in The Esplanade in Cairns last October 2013. The photo above is just one of the views I captured while at the terrace of our room.

A Walk to Remember – Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise

My tour on the second day in Gold Coast was finished earlier and I knew that I still have time that’s why I decided to walk on the beach. After I was dropped-off at my hotel, I prepared and left my room immediately so I can still see the beach in daylight before it gets dark.



IMG_5312Around Broadbeach Area





I started my walk from Broadbeach where my hotel is just around the corner. From Broadbeach I stroll the shore and I took my time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. It’s a quiet walk that allowed me to listens to the sounds of the sea through its waves coming to the coast. The white beach sands still shines the area.















IMG_5400Surfers Paradise

And the salty smells of the sea that made me feel the nature of the sea. During the walk, I tried to approach the water waves and then walk away so fast to avoid to get wet. And the wind that struck my body feels so relaxing. While walking along the beach I felt that the world is so perfect and there is no problem at the moment. I took a lot of photos along the way, never felt get tired. The walk showed me that life seems so simple and so beautiful. I wish that life in reality is just like the way I walked along the coast. Until then.

Climbing Skypoint At Q1 – 5th Tallest Residential Building In The World

It was my last week in Australia for my third project before going back home, I planned a 3 days vacation which combine my time in lieu at work and few vacation leaves. As per my project schedule it was my last week at work as well, but because of my planned vacation, the last week become my vacation week, my last day at the project ended a week earlier.

I was really excited in my holiday plan in Gold Coast in Queensland, I stayed in Australia for 14 months and never been to Gold Coast until my last week in my project in Australia happened.

In my 3 days holiday, I was not able to squeeze in a tour on my first day as it was the same day of my flight from Melbourne to Gold Coast. I took the earliest flight to Gold Coast but unfortunately even taking earliest flight will not guarantee that I will make it to the tours available because of timing is so close to each other.

After I landed at Coolangatta Airport or Gold Coast Airport , I bought a ticket where it combines airport bus return, local busses around Gold Coast and busses to theme parks at Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle. The airport shuttle bus took me to my accommodation at Meriton Service Apartments Broadbeach wherein I was booked for 3 days.

My first day activity was unplanned and because I am traveling solo, though Gold Coast is famous of theme parks I did not planned to go to any of it because of the main reason that theme parks are not place for a solo travelers. I haven’t tried going to Carnivals alone, because for me, theme parks are places together with friends and families or I may go there if it’s part of the tour that I booked.

After I arrived at the hotel, I did check what’s on in Gold Coast that I can take in the afternoon with the aim to maximize my time until I found Skypoint brochure. I was curious on climbing adventure in the tower ads then I decided to try it. From Broadbeach accommodation, I took local bus and Q1 building which is located in prime location in Surfers Paradise. From bus stop , I walked to reach Q1.


Q1 Building (from the beach)

At the ground floor, I found the Skypoint Climb store where I bought my ticket for the adventure climb. Because the climb has schedule and I was a bit earlier on the schedule, I went up to Skypoint Observation Deck (entrance included in the climb) which located at 77 to 78 floor. When I hopped in to the elevator, I experienced one of the fastest elevator, we reached the observation deck around 47 seconds and at the ceiling of the elevator, you can see the top and visualize how fast the elevator travels from the bottom to the top and vice versa.

At the Skypoint Observation Deck, I had a great time enjoying 360 degree view of Gold Coast. I saw a beautiful coastline, the city itself and the surrounding nearby mountains and hills in the area. I can’t imagine I was in the tower and seeing all of the views that I only see in TV.








IMG_5166Around Gold Coast From Skypoint Observation Deck (Before Sunset)

I went down again when the time is almost near for the climb. Then I met the other people who will join the same climb. Our guide met the group and went inside the Skypoint store and there she gave us overview or introduction to the climb activity. Then, told us to prepare ourselves by getting our safety suits and harness equipments, she taught us wearing the stuff while giving useful information of safety climb. Why we were wearing safety uniforms and harness? Because we will climb the top most part of the Q1 building which is outside the observation deck. The idea is already scary and what about the actual feeling at the summit of the tallest building in Australia?





IMG_5183Around Gold Coast From Skypoint Observation Deck (Night Time)

We were at 77th Floor where we started the climb and we went outside to reach the summit of the building. Our guide helped us and instructed us to put the harness in the grill where it fits and connected us so we will not be fall no matter what happened. We followed the stairs track and we went around the area and the crow’s nest which is the summit of the climb. While we were climbing the stairs, there were part of the climb we looked downward to the ground and other parts of Gold Coast area. We posed in various areas for photo shot. We witness the sunset while climbing the summit and we experienced the cold breeze outside the building.

After spending sometime at the summit. We descent the area and went back to 77th floor. That’s how we ended our Skypoint climb. I sensed that all of us in the group enjoyed the climb adventure.That was the first climb I did in a building and I had a great time. I bought one photo as my souvenir and another free photo which is a group shot for all of us at the summit. Most of the photos shared here were captured at the Skypoint Observation Deck.