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Home : Mount Banahaw and Lucena Port

Home (Post#23) : Mount Banahaw and Lucena Port Mount Banahaw is currently in restoration period since 2004 that’s why it is prohibited for any climbing related activities though there are still few breaks it. When I saw it while at the summit of Mount Banahaw it become notable for me, I fell in love with it further every time I

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Alibijaban (Alibihaban) Island – A Worthy Summer Outreach Vacation

One of the things that I really missed with my mountaineering group back home is the outreach activity that it does to the distant and remote places that most of the time only travellers, adventurers and mountaineers alike can reach such places. Combining the spirit of exploring and discovering places and the heart of helping people in need for me is

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Precious Moment In The Mountain : Mount Cristobal

Precious Moment In The Mountain (Post#11) : Mount Cristobal One of our preparation or training climb before conquering Mount Apo (The Highest Mountain in the Philippines) was Mount Cristobal climb. The said training was held last February 2009. Mount Cristobal was quite challenging mountain as there were some trails where we need to walk huge rocks full of moss which

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