Random Angle : Flatiron Building (Atlanta)

Random Angle (Post#6) : Flatiron Building (Atlanta)

Another interesting historical building that I found along Peachtree St NW is what they called Flatiron Building (or as English-American Building) which completed in 1897, 5 years earlier that Flatiron Building in New York. At the time that I found this building it was under renovations. This building is protected by the city and listed in National Registers of Historic Places. Currently, the building is used for commercial space such as eateries, events and offices. These photos are part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015.




Random Angle : The Georgian Terrace

Random Angle (Post#5) : The Georgian Terrace

The Georgian Terrace is one of the historical hotels in America and opened in 1911. When I passed the Georgian Terrace Hotel at that time, I don’t have idea that it was historical, but I noticed its elegant and lavish architectural design which I cannot ignore not to take photos of it. I recently learned that the Hollywood stars of legend movie “Gone With the Wind” stayed there and other prominent people such as the “30th USA President” Calvin Coolidge, “The Great Gatsby” author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and Walt Disney. These photos are part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015.



Random Angle : Galaxy Macau


Random Angle (Post#3) : Galaxy Macau

Walking or strolling within Cotai Strip was fun because of different kind of luxury hotels, casinos, shopping malls and entertainments to be seen, but beware that it can be quite exhausting if you are not into exploring and seeing places. As we wandering around Cotai Strip, one of the luxury buildings we passed by was Galaxy Macau. Galaxy Macau offers different kinds luxury accommodations, shopping, dining, and entertainments. It can be considered a one stop area for enjoying the holiday. Inside this beautiful building, we dined and stroll inside where we got a chance to get up close and personal with Ferrari car displayed inside. This photo is part of my Hong Kong – Macau Adventure photo collection happened last January 2012.

Random Angle : The Venetian Macao


Random Angle (Post#2) : The Venetian Macao

When we got a chance to visit Macau, we had an opportunity to visit the Cotai Strip in Macau where most its westernised casino hotels are located. The Venetian Macau is just one of the casino-hotel resort in the area where to see and to feel the ambiance Venice like city which mentioned from Wikipedia as the largest casino in the world and the largest single structure hotel in the world. Though I never do gambling and no idea of it personally, I just appreciated the things that we saw inside the building which for me it’s indeed nice to get to know and to discover. We had a great time just to explore the place. Photo captured last January 2012.

Random Angle : WAFI – Pyramids and Egyptian Themed Buildings


Random Angle (Post#1) : WAFI – Pyramids and Egyptian Themed Buildings

WAFI is one of the mall in Dubai that has unique exterior design of its building because it has EGYPTIAN theme architecture design. Because of my curiosity, I asked my college friend whom accompanied me in some nights while I was in Dubai, why WAFI has Egyptian style, and she told me that the owner of the mall are quite fascinated with Egyptian culture. It is one of the malls that I really like because I myself curious to understand the Egypt pyramids and the story behind it. Photo captured last August 2014.