Discovery : Rottnest Wind Turbine

Discovery (Post#66) : Rottnest Wind Turbine

Photos of the day are all about Rottnest Wind Turbine. Because the island aims to increase renewal energy and to reduce the greenhouse gas emission, to be able to achieved that objective, a wind turbine was built. Currently it is 35% source of the islands electricity which generates 600kW. Though the island just have 300 permanent residents but it receives half a million visitors annually and 15k during peak season requires enough electricity supply. Even though it cost $3.8 Million but it were able to reduce 430k Liter of diesel and greenhouse emissions by 1.1k tonnes per year. These photos are part of Rottnest Island Tour October 2016.






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Notes :
Photo : Rottnest Wind Turbine
Location : Rottnest Island WA, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth where different options are available or
2. Take cruise to the island with your own or rented boat
Official Website : Rottnest Island