Restaurant : Bootleg Brewery

Restaurant (Post#6) : Bootleg Brewery

Photo of the day is about restaurant of Bootleg Brewery. Though its pretty obvious that the place was definitely a brewery, but a huge portion of the building used as restaurant where its part of the business itself. They offer food to combine their own local products. The menu they have for me was a typical Aussie one. Because they offer chips, fries, pork ribs, and chicken. The photo is part of Margaret River (Western Australia) Region Tour October 2016.


Notes :
Photo : Restaurant, Bootleg Brewery Restaurant
Location : Wilyabrup, WA, Australia
Transportation :
1. Join Day Tours from Perth or
2. Driving to Wilyabrup
Official Website : Bootleg Brewery

Restaurant : Matso’s Broome Brewery – Australia’s Most Remote Brewery

Restaurant (Post#5) : Matso’s Broome Brewery – Australia’s Most Remote Brewery

Photos of the day are all about Matso’s Broome Brewery which they also called as “Australia’s Most Remote Brewery”. During the tour, we stopped here to have a chance a free taste of their famous Ginger Beer and to have meal since the historical brewery offers not only drinks but food as well. During the meal I ordered Scotch Fillet with potato, bacon, green salads and added with prawns, it was a huge meal. The Brewery has colourful history where its building started a first bank in Broome and operation in four decades until was sold. Then transformed as general store by Matsumoto family where Matso’s name derived. Then, it was turned into a cafe, micro-brewery and art gallery. Then, became a full mash brewery. In total, it has over 100 years of history which considered as heritage. Though it was man-made tourist destination, but indeed Matso’s is part of history of the town. These photos are part of Broome Sightseeing Tour October 2016.






Notes :
Photo : Historical Business, Restaurant, Brewery
Location : 60 Hamersley St, Broome WA 6725, Australia
Transportation : Town Bus ServiceBroome CyclesCar HireBroome Taxis
Official Website : Matso’s Broome Brewery

Restaurant : The Cav

Restaurant (Post#4) : The Cav

The Cavenagh Hotel Restaurant or simply The Cav has its reputation that it offers impressive food. I didn’t realize the truthfulness of this review until I had a chance to book an overnight to its hotel. I left my room and went into the restaurant and because it was Friday night, there were lots of people who convinced me as a proof that I have to try their steak as one of their best offerings. I had ordered Rump Cap one of their steaks menu that comes with chips and salads. After my dinner was ready, I took them from the counter and returned to my room. All I can remember was I had a great dinner that night. The photo is part of Day 1 (Darwin to the Katherine Region) of 9 Days Darwin to Broome Overland Adventure Tour October 2016.


Restaurant : Litchfield Cafe

Restaurant (Post#3)  : Litchfield Cafe

I am only good in eating, but I haven’t really tried to write post that describes restaurants  and my experience on it. This will be the first one that will focus on this subject.

Litchfield Cafe is an eatery where people can eat through buffet style. When we reached the cafe, there are groups that’s already dined in two long tables. The other two long tables are vacant and seems reserved in our group. We looked for our seats and joined the groups in getting our food. The cafe was the place where we had our cold buffet lunch which includes different types of salads, sandwitches where you can choose your own fillings. As part of the lunch, we had a slice of their famous mango cheesecake as desert. After I tasted that the cheesecake was really good, I bought another slice to fill me in.

The photo is part of Litchfield National Park Tour Photo Collection September 2016.


Restaurant : Cafe Aquaria

Restaurant (Post#2) : Cafe Aquaria

Because of my limited time to spend in Georgia Aquarium, all I got of memories of the Cafe Aquaria were all photos of it. I never got a chance to have a break during my visit because I wanted to see as much as I can while exploring the once largest aquarium in the world. Therefore I have no idea what they offer and how much its cost. These photos are part of Georgia Aquarium Visit Photo Collection November 2015.




Restaurant : Pemberton Cafe

Restaurant (Post#1) : Pemberton Cafe

What can I say with this Cafe? It is an open-air beverage and food lounge. Honestly, this is just a typical cafe. When I came here to fill me in since I was really hungry, not so much people around. But still there were people whom like me that just wanted to eat after visiting one of the museum or after wandering around the place. Because the cafe just have small space, just few seats and tables are available. I took my order at the cashier area then I waited for my food. Next, I looked for available seats that I can take. I ate my food silently, when I was finished, I went off. Nothing to fancy in this cafe. The photo is part of Atlanta Walks Photo Collection November 2015.